Friday, April 9, 2010


I have a much longed for finish. The Launch Swap quilt is finally done. I posted about the swap in July last year and the top has been ready since September and partially quilted since October when I started doubting my quilting skills. I've decided to throw all self doubt out and just quilt the tops that are waiting. I have four ready and more in the making.

Here is the newest top, the Christmas Star blocks will be Hubby's TV cuddly quilt and I had an inspiration earlier today as to who gets the Poinsettia quilt. I'm not telling now though.

If you click on the photos they will enlarge.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

This and that.

This post is posted 4 or 5 days after most of it was made due to power loss.

I've been sewing a lot but have no finishes to show you. Here is my version of Christmas Star which is a part of Bonnie's Carolina Christmas Mystery. I have thirteen of these 16.5" blocks.

Since the loss of electricity I've made these blocks into a top, using twelve of the blocks with sashing and bricks I think they're called rather than corner stones. Will post a photo later, it's been to windy and snowing on and off, not good for photoing.

They are supposed to be partnered with these forty eight Poinsettias (8,5"). And this would make a humongous quilt. I'm not much interested in so big quilts so I'll make something else out of this. At one time I had three, maybe four quilts in mind, but that changes from day to day. We'll see what I come up with. Those were fun to make although I got a bit tired of all the matching seams.

I have also started sewing with these blocks, with sashing and cornerstones into a top.

Now here is the first round of fun blocks (also 8,5") that I'm test sewing with some great women on a Yahoo group called Quiltswappers, (here is where I lost power) there's one more which I've jet to make. The woman we are testing for sends us the fabric cut and ready to sew, how great is that. I chose black kona for my background and felt quite daring, lol, I've been so stuck on light backgrounds since I started quilting that it was long past time for me to try something new. I love it.

I've been doing a mystery called Dinah's Delight from Cynthia at IowaStarQuilts this is what I've done so far and I found out tonight that the last step has been posted so I'm sure I'll soon get itchy to finish it in to a top at least. There is just one of each blocks (9,5") shown here.

Here is a cosmetic bag I made for a young girl who had her confirmation on last Sunday. This is the front, sorry how bad the light is. The bag is made of bits of old jeans from my kids and old lace from my Granny Bubba.

And this is the back. I've made loads of these bags through the years, I use an old fleece throw as batting and the sippers I've ripped out of old gym bags and such. The only new thing is the inside lining (usually some pretty cotton) and the binding which is solid blue cotton.

I'd better post this now, it's snowing heavily at the moment and you never know.... Lol.

Happy Easter.