Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi there

Long time no see, I've often thought about making posts, even composed many in my mind, but then had no energy to actually do something about it.

I tried to use the new blogger look, but could not get the photos to upload, guess DD2 will have some teaching to do when she comes home for the summer in mid May.

Here is a quilt that has been waiting thread basted since 2010. I wanted to practice on my FMQ before quilting it. At the time I finished the top I was over the moon with it. It was the most beautiful top I'd ever made. I still love it.

Then one day in last about two weeks ago I realized my new DIL's birthday was coming up and when I started thinking what to give her this top popped up in my mind, the rest is history. Lol.

I still have long to go at FMQ, but I'm slowly getting there.

I actually got a lot better recently when I slowed down. Wish I'd done that sooner.

And here is the back, it's half of a flannel duvet cover I got on sale.

I'm getting warnings from blogger that I haven't upgraded or updated or something and as result one thing or another will happen on May 31st. Strange thing is I can't get logged on blogger through the link they give in the mail to fix or do whatever it is they want me to do. Guess that will wait for DD too.