Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunset, sunrise.

It's after midnight but I went outside just now and the sun is so beautiful at this time of the year that I ran in to get my camera. The sun is much more brighter in reality and it's daylight outside. There will be a sort of a twilight for the next 2-3 hours and then it's daylight again.

A week ago we had the longest day of the year, now the days are getting shorter until December 21. which is the shortest day. I'm always so thankful for the Christmas, the holiday of the light.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm home. Lol.

I forgot to mention that I came home last Sunday night. But I've bin very busy since and will be for..... well the rest of the summer I guess.

I started making these table mats as a wedding present before I went to Reykjavik. I had made 12 paper pieced flowers and cut out all the fabric needed except the binding which I had to buy in the city. I thought it would be a piece of cake to finish it at my moms. Not so. Took me days and that was with my moms help. So I did not do half of what I'd intended to do, like taking walks, visiting friends, going to movies and so on. But it was worth it. I really liked how the table mats turned out. (The table they sit on is a tiny table since the WW2, I'm told the Brits had one for each soldier during their stay here in Iceland)

I got confirmed what I already knew, that I'm absolutely not a PP person. Me and the ripper were "pals" while paper piecing the flowers. I usually have such a good eye for forms so it's a puzzle to me why I cant seem to find the right size of a fabric for each number. Or to make it fit properly. Or to..... Lol. I've decided that it would be best for me to leave this kind of sewing alone. But.... I did not let this bother me as I was determent to let only good thoughts follow the mats to the happy couple.

About the sleep apnea, I got a thing to put in my mouth while I sleep that keeps my chin from falling back. The first night was not very easy but I've slept well since and feel much more refreshed when I wake up than I've felt in years. And I'm not tired and sleepy all the time.

That is just so great.


The Golden Circle.

In an earlier post I wrote I would show and tell about when Hubby and I became tourists. We took part of the Golden Circle (left out Thingvellir). First we went to Gullfoss where it was raining a bit so we did not walk any nearer to it. The link I'm giving you tells and shows much better than I can about this great waterfall.

Next stop was Geysir where we stayed for quite a bit. Hubby had never bin to either place before so it was great fun showing him around. As you can see there was not much happening with old Geysir, I think he's not doing much these days. But you never know.

I don't remember the name of this geyser but it does not erupt and I think the beautiful blue color comes from the coins people let fall in it.

And here is Strokkur, my favorite. When I was a kid I was much more interested in the moments just before it erupts than in the actual eruptions. To see the huge bubble rise and fall, rise and fall again and again until it bursts and it erupts, is to me still the most fascinating thing.

And here it erupts.

Here the water is falling back down and some of it changing in to steam. There is also steam coming from the hole.

We took a walk around the area and in the mean time Strokkur erupted three times that we noticed and saw from distance. When we came back there were lots of foreign tourists waiting for the next eruption. We took a seat on a bench nearby and I had so much fun watching one couple. The man in yellow jacket is holding a camera to capture a photo of the woman in light blue jacket with the eruption in the background. It was a bit of a wait and once I noticed the woman making faces at the man and I realized she was exercising her facial muscle's.

At last she could stop smiling. Lol.

Then we headed home but on our way was this: Kerid Be sure to watch the slide show in the link, there are some great photos there.

And here I am at Kerid.

Hubby was not interested in posing for me.

And here you see what I miss most from the landscape around Reykjavik. The lava, there is no lava in the part of Iceland where I live now. I took this photo out the window of the car while driving down from Hellisheidi and the smoke in the back is from Hellisheidarvirkjun which is an Geothermal power plant. I only found out now while looking for the link that it's open for people so we will definitely go there next time.

When we arrived back to my mom's place this was parked across the street. A great bull made of wood, one iron ring and pieces of rope.

A very good day.

P.s. Found this when looking for links. Check out the recipes on the left.


Monday, June 15, 2009

The City.

Hi all, I'm in the city now and have bin since last Tuesday and (bummer) with no Internet. Me and Hubby went to my uncle's 50. birthday party on Wednesday and then played tourists on Thursday and went sight seeing on the Southern part of Iceland. Will post photos after I return next Sunday.

Hubby drove home on Friday but I stayed as I'm seeing a dentist about my sleep apnea. It's my last appointment tomorrow but I'm going to my cousins wedding on Saturday so until then I'm just having a very nice time with my mom. And better jet, she's gotten a new Internet connection so I'll be able to go read some blogs now.