Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Blogger has finally let me in again, wonder if I can comment too. I have also tried to comment as anonymous, but the result has not been rewarding. Am seriously thinking about moving my blog, this is just to much bother.

But enough of that, might as well use the opportunity to post a few photos. I'm still sewing and quilting a lot and have started quilting for others. 

First of all, here is my version of Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. I though, call it Elm Street (not kidding) and have added borders since this photo was taken. I plan to quilt it this summer.

Here is an orphan quilt I made and gave to charity. The alternate Nine Patch blocks were supposed to be the first step in a mystery on a Yahoo group I'm in, but I forgot to read ALL THE WAY through the instructions and ended with 32 "wrong" blocks. And although the quilt is much to busy, I like it. 

Star swap blocks with alternate Hour Glass blocks. This also went to a charity and has the bright stars.

Here are the earth colored stars, the Hour Glass blocks have different lighter fabrics, but the dark fabric is all from the same piece. 

And here is the last quilt I made for charity this spring. The top came from a friend who didn't like the top. When I mentioned it would be perfect for the charity I sew for, my friend handed the top over to me and told me to finish it then. I added the borders that calmed the quilt down and it's actually very pretty. 

A few years ago I was given a panel that I had no idea what to do with. Then one night when I was just about to enter the dreamland I  remembered the witches and wizard fabric I bought about ten years ago. And that was it. I finished the quilt and mailed it to a friend in Louisiana who gave it to an (hurricane) Isaac victim. 

The quilting.

The back is a soft old curtain and I found it funny that it had all the same colors as the front. Perfect.

Wonder when blogger will let me in again, I admit though that I don't try every day. Lol.


PS. This post was very easy to make, managing the photos is much easier than it used to, so if I can get in again soon I might continue with blogger. We'll see.