Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finishes and one WIP

Here are a few quilts I've finished in the summer. The first one is my Iceland History quilt. I'm in a charity quilt group on the internet and I did this quilt as a Block of the Months for the ladies there. Every block's name has a reference to the time period and the topic of that month's lesson. I set the blocks in Attic Window frames (of darkness and snow, it was after all December when I was finishing the top) as we were looking through the ages.

The back is an old duvet cover a friend of mine gave me.

Last year I finished up few quilts with blocks from swaps, this year I'm doing the same. Those blocks are since 2011 or 2012.

The back was a table topper I think, got it in Good Will.

Winter Attic Windows swap since 2011 I think. I still have to quilt the Christmas Attic Windows, I can't settle on a pattern. Sigh.

The back is an old table topper from my mother, I quilted swirls on this quilt because they remind me of the cold winter wind. DD2 fell in love with this quilt and claimed it for her son. It will be kept here so we can cuddle under it reading books when he gets older.

And lastly, I'm reading a wonderful, fun blog these days and it says there (in 2010) that progress photos should be included. So this is what I'm working on now between blog reading, blogging and as little household work as I can get away with.

This is a mystery from Seattle and a challenge for me as I've never done a two color quilt before. Sure I've done quilts with only two colors, but there has always been neutral background too. 

This is for my mother, she turned 75 a week ago and she chose the colors. Purple and moss green. I did not take any photos until today, it looked very chaotic at first and I will not tell you about the talks I had with myself and my mother in my mind. But I'm actually loving how it's turning out, really, I'm so glad the feeling I got when my mother named the colors proved true.


Monday, October 20, 2014


This young fellow has been christened. 

Guðmundur Högni
(Gudmundur Hogni)
After his grandfathers.

Sleep is good.

WHO is this woman? always with a camera in my face.


Autumn is coming to an end as we are having the first  winter storm today. Round up is done, slaughtering and the tiring meet work is over, I just love freezers full of meat.

And the autumn retreat. Fun, fun, fun.
Here are a few photos to show you what was going on.
Oddny showed us this finished quilt she was working on at our spring retreat. (Only needs binding in this photo)

This was a short mystery on Friday night.

Sigrun has recently finished this top, a 12 years old UFO.

Johanna finished putting this top together that she started working on at the spring retreat.

Syta is making this one from a pattern from GE Desing.

And finally, swap blocks from 2009 that I wanted out of the box. I have since added one more row to make it longer and borders, when finished I will hopefully have seen the last of the fabrics in the Hour Glass blocks

The blocks in this top came from Arizona. From a member in an internet charity group I'm in. There are more blocks, but I wanted to play with this layout first. I think it would have been prettier with a sharper green in the shasings and borders, but it what it is. 

Lastly, I made progress on this top and got help in figuring out the size of the setting triangles. I also bought the perfect fabric for borders for this quilt. I will try to finish it before the end of the year, I plan to make it a late graduation quilt for a young girl, friend of ours that graduated from collage/high school last spring.

There was loads more going on, I just wasn't active enough with the camera. I thought it just splendid to upload the photos for this post while reading up on other blogs, not so. It took forever to upload and I'm actually very tired and cranky by now. Bed it is then.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gas pollution.

If you didn't know it I can inform you that Iceland has lots of volcanoes and one is erupting at the moment. Although we are very far from the eruption it has started to affect our life.

With this.

This is a more normal view (although a bit cloudy) from the same direction.

On to quilty matters. Last winter I was involved in a constant "battle" with DS2 about MY sports bag. Every time I was going to the swim aerobics I had to look for my bag and empty men sports things out of it, phew, the smell of the shoes. So a solution had to be found, buy a sports bag for DS or sew me one. I didn't really have to think very hard about it.

I decided to make the bag in such way that DS would never get caught in the open carrying it. I also wanted to make it sturdy and long lasting so this was a perfect opportunity to use some of my thicker fabrics that have come to me from many different sources.

Here are the fabrics I used, no pattern, just made it.

And the result, it has never been used by anyone but me. YESSSSSS.

And lastly, I'm busy baking for the Christening celebration this coming Sunday when this beautiful boy will be given a name.

Infectious smile.


Monday, September 15, 2014


Last year I happened to find Sea Mayweed in one of our fields that had fused itself thoroughly. This year I found another plant few meters from where last year plant grew and it, more than anything, started me rereading the Edge series by Ilona Andrews because in one of the books there is some ugly fusion happenings. This however is not really ugly.

Then there is the fusion in the asphalt in our old road. A leg bone from a lamb. This is actually more of an embedding and Hubby loves to tell people this is a leftover from a road kill since when the road last got a new overlap. Sometimes when he's asked about something, anything really, he gets this glint in his eye and begins the answer with the words "T h a t' s   b e c a u s e..............." and people who know him, know better than to take anything he then says seriously, sadly strangers don't always realize this. (lol)

And lastly, a tractor fusion, the old cab of this tractor was in the same shape as 

this cab. It doesn't show well in the photo, but the cab is really rusty, dangerously so even. Hubby and DS2, who is in the photo, deemed it safer to remove the doors.

I came home earlier this evening from the city, I went there to visit my mother and the newly weds and then went just outside the city to give a class in my way of free motion quilting on Saturday. It was great fun and the ladies who attended were satisfied. Notice that I don't say it was a class in free motion quilting. Only in my way and what works for me. Did I take a camera with me??? YES. Did I intend to take photos??? YES. Did I actually take photos??? no

But I gave the wedding quilt to my daughter and her husband and I managed to get a photo of it on Saturday evening before it was to dark. This is the Celtic Solstice mystery from Bonnie Hunter, at least my version. And the biggest quilt I've ever made. 250 cm x 280 cm.



Sunday, August 31, 2014

A beautiful little life.

Now the last reason for less blogging and blog reading.

First there was fence mending (well and haying later)

Then my beautiful blond daughter Steina got married to her Dori (nickname for Halldor, Seina's name is Steinunn).

Well, I have another daughter Ebba (dark haired) and she is engaged to a lovely young man, Einar. I'm so lucky to have these two great sons in law.

Here my daughter Ebba is in a photo taken on June 6.

Another taken on August 1.

And on August 3 my beautiful grandson was born, 4040 gr. and 55 cm. This was taken in the first hours after birth.

This a few days later.

And this photo was taken yesterday. He is so precious.

I think the last two reasons for my absence are absolutely perfect.


Monday, July 21, 2014

More reasons (excuses)

My other reason for not blogging much involves this pretty little church. (In our town)

And our lovely daughter and her fiancée, this photo was taken few years ago when her sister graduated from collage.

So... here's what happened on June 28.

Here you can see our wonderful priest who made the ceremony so fun and beautiful. DD had always wanted our old priest (and also wonderful) to perform the ceremony. But as she (our old priest) has gone and become the bishop over Iceland DD decided to give our new priest a chance and I really liked our new priest before the ceremony, but I and the whole family love her now.

This is the same car as was used when I and Hubby got married 23 years ago. It belongs to my FIL.

This is taken near the lighthouse on our farm.

I can't find a summer photo of our town community house. 

But this is where the celebration was held, it was fun and the dancing went on until early morning. But we old couple got home a bit earlier 4.30 to be precise.

We wish them long and content marriage. My firm belief is that a content person is a happy person.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Excuses, excuses.

Although they might be called reasonable reasons for not posting for so long.

Avalanches and yes that's me, I'm actually standing on the top of an older avalanche. This is on March 18. 

Hubby, up on the avalanche, happy in the sun although knowing what awaits come spring.

Here you can see where the snow broke away high up in the mountain.

This is what happens to our fences , they disappear. We have still not found lots of the poles, guess they went with the avalanche all the way to the river and out to sea.  

Then surprisingly there were poles standing here and there.

The wire was all accounted for, in curls all over the fields.

Made us worry about this kind of traffic though.

This is in another field where another avalanche went over clear (no snow) mire after and before tearing away fences, bringing loads of rocks and dirt on our field.

Look where the fence suddenly ends.

But we prepared by ordering a load of poles.

This is how it looked in May 28.

The leftover of the avalanche was so hard it held the tractor.

But it was melting away rapidly. My macho Hubby in a T-shirt.

Me, not so macho in two trousers and two sweaters, standing in the same spot as in the March photo.

The two standing poles.

And some rocks.

And were we ever thankful these rocks stopped just outside the field.

Pretty big rocks.

This is the field that got the mire dirt.

Another point of view.

And lastly, new fence on June 20.

Some broken poles, some reusable and the rest of the new ones, they are all gone now and we have started reusing old ones.

There are still lots of fence left to rebuild, but the fields are closed and that was most important. The little summer pastures can wait, even till next year.

I have more excuses/reasons, but they are for another post.