Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Class with Gudrun Erla from GE Design

Waiting for the teacher to arrive (by plane).

The first block done

Then we took a brake and our teacher, Gudrun Erla from GE Design showed us some of her work. They are so great up close and I am so thankful to her for taking them all with her on this short journey, she flew back to the city with the afternoon plane.

I bought the pattern for this quilt.

And for this one.

Two in our guild are making this one.

This one is special.

And would you look at that quilting, sadly I don't remember the name of this talented quilter. All free motion.

This is the pattern I was making in this class.

Here is a Round Robin project Gudrun did with three very talented designers. You can read about it here. All of them are totally gorgeous.

Quilted by the same quilter as above, absolutely fabulous.

The back.

The other quilt that we could choose to learn how to make.

Guess which one is mine, my MIL knew it right away. I'm using only from stash this year and I want to add two extra blocks to make this a quilt instead of a table topper so the patterned background was the only fabric I had enough of. And it's scrappy, so what else is new.

Here are blocks for the other project.

A very enjoyable day to say the least.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Here it is, quilted and bound.

And the back.

There was a reason I finally sat down to finish this quilt after it had been an UFO for two years. Or since I went to a class to learn how to make it using the 8" 60° ruler from creative grids I had bought the year before. But never used. Because I didn't know how.

The reason....... another class with Gudrun Erla from GE Design
I took lots of photos that I'll use to make another post.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Litlle Ipad Bag

I needed a birthday present for DD2's fiancĂ© and she told me he had been unhappy with the Ipad cover he owned and had thrown it away. So I decided to make him a little bag for it.

I never let pass by an opportunity to use up leftover batting.
First I laid out the lining (which can't be seen) and then strips of batting over the lining. 

Then another row of batting. To make the bag thicker and more secure for the Ipad.

Then I was going to take step by step photos, but forgot myself and just rushed on. I'm going to show you the backside first, I'm not sure you can read the words, but it says:
A sailor's answered prayer in sight.
The shining fortress. A guiding light.
And the fabric is signed by D. Morgan

The front has words too:
 On silver ship or - barnacle boat
A fisherman's life for me

And that's what the new owner is, a good fisherman.


Saturday, March 29, 2014


It seems almost nobody likes basting, I didn't either until I tried this method. I'd tried thread basting on the floor, spray basting, also on the floor and both on tables, always in pain either in my knees or back or even both. Then I found Sharon Schamber on youtube and my problems were solved. 

I lay out the back with the wrong side up, put a stick of wood, (Sharon wants you to paint it to prevent sap leaks, but I've never had a problem with that) near the edge of the fabric and fold it on the stick. 

I always pin the fabric down, I have no control over it otherwise. The edges are a bit wavy, that's due to me having ripped the seams off those formerly curtains. And they are not really so crumpled.

Roll it up and take care that it feeds evenly on the stick, I like my backs to have seams that I can use as guides.

Then lay the top on the table with the right side up, pin down less than 1/4" from the edge.

Roll it up using the pattern as guide so the top feeds evenly on the stick.

Then you lay the back on the table and roll it out a bit.

Lay the batting (wadding) on top like this. I always use cheap fleece throws that I zig zag together to get the size I want.

Then comes the top, make sure you lay it rightly lined up on the back and batting, it's not fun when getting to near the end and then having the top go more to one side out over the back and batting. Grrrrrrr I don't have the right words to describe what I mean.

I slide my cutting mat under the sandwich before I start basting to shield the table. I rarely thread baste any more. The fleece is like a magnet to the fabric so I only pin baste lightly nowadays. Just to keep it secure while quilting. 

You can see part of the old office chair on wheels that I use while basting, just rolling along the side as the pins go in. When you've basted all you can reach you pull the sandwich towards you.

Pull the batting over the top.

Roll out the back.

Lay the batting flat over the back and then roll out the top.

Continue like this until you reach the end, keeping the sandwich in your lap while you work.

Quick and easy.

I saw this wonderful video about Iceland today, thought I should share. It's taken on the South-Eastern part of Iceland, I live in the Westfjords.


Monday, March 24, 2014

A finish

Due to power losses and other incidents I only had one small quilt bound yesterday with a pink/brown/grey flowery fabric that was leftover from a back some time ago. The binding looks better in person.

The quilting, a fun pattern that I'm quite happy with.

And borders are on the Starburst I don't know the name of the colour, but it's a blend of brown and purple or something. A similar colour is in the background fabric so I thought it fine when I chose it after sunset on Saturday. I'm not as happy with it in daylight, but this is actually the best that I have in my stash so it is what it is.

More quilts waiting for binding, most will go to charity. And are actually due, but I talked with a lovely lady earlier and she said I am still in the clear.

Labels, I'm not using one of these though, my mother has given me a few pieces like these. She doesn't like how I left labelling out of my finishes so now I'm a good daughter and obey.

Today my father would have been 75 years old. I will try to put a out door candle on his grave later if the weather allows. This has been a very difficult month, or really MONTHS. Mostly North Easterner since mid November so we have much snow. Today it's raining and thawing and should be like that for at least few days, but you'll never know.