Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finishes and one WIP

Here are a few quilts I've finished in the summer. The first one is my Iceland History quilt. I'm in a charity quilt group on the internet and I did this quilt as a Block of the Months for the ladies there. Every block's name has a reference to the time period and the topic of that month's lesson. I set the blocks in Attic Window frames (of darkness and snow, it was after all December when I was finishing the top) as we were looking through the ages.

The back is an old duvet cover a friend of mine gave me.

Last year I finished up few quilts with blocks from swaps, this year I'm doing the same. Those blocks are since 2011 or 2012.

The back was a table topper I think, got it in Good Will.

Winter Attic Windows swap since 2011 I think. I still have to quilt the Christmas Attic Windows, I can't settle on a pattern. Sigh.

The back is an old table topper from my mother, I quilted swirls on this quilt because they remind me of the cold winter wind. DD2 fell in love with this quilt and claimed it for her son. It will be kept here so we can cuddle under it reading books when he gets older.

And lastly, I'm reading a wonderful, fun blog these days and it says there (in 2010) that progress photos should be included. So this is what I'm working on now between blog reading, blogging and as little household work as I can get away with.

This is a mystery from Seattle and a challenge for me as I've never done a two color quilt before. Sure I've done quilts with only two colors, but there has always been neutral background too. 

This is for my mother, she turned 75 a week ago and she chose the colors. Purple and moss green. I did not take any photos until today, it looked very chaotic at first and I will not tell you about the talks I had with myself and my mother in my mind. But I'm actually loving how it's turning out, really, I'm so glad the feeling I got when my mother named the colors proved true.



  1. It's so interesting that you based your quilt on different time periods, It's a great way of choosing blocks. I love the way you used thrifty backings for your quilts. The quilt for your mother is looking great. The colours work really well.

  2. what wonderful quilts. You have been busy.