Friday, January 30, 2009

More last summer and itty, bitty quilty things.

Hah, now I can write between the photos, never could before when I tried. Hopefully this will continue. lol. Now here are from right to left: Asmundur, a friend of ours and owner of one of the cars we were driving, he is a truck driver and a farmer, next is DS2 a week from turning 21 and then DSIL. The photo is taken from the top floor of a deserted farm house we were taking a better look at. ( the only house left standing)

And here you can see one of the roads we drove, I hope you can figure out where the road continues as I don't I have the right words to explain it. To the right and doooown is the rocky beach and then the sea. Scary.

Now as to the O C, I have finished quilting it, the binding is ready, but I got lead astray by another quilt that I finished quilting before the O C, and have made the binding on that, and sewed it on. Will sew the binding on the O C later today and hopefully hand stitch both of them down watching tv over the weekend.
Have a nice weekend.

Last summer.

Well, they were supposed to sit in another order, so the bottom photo is my corner with roses next to the clothes lines, as you can see in one of the winter photos.

The next one up is my other flower corner in my garden, my late father told me when I moved here that I would be living on the borders of the inhabitable world. I just laughed, but my flowers and trees agree wit him, always have. To the right in the photo you can see one of my birch trees, yes I know they are not big, I bet you would think they are just 4, 5 years old, bot oh no, the are almost 20 years old, and did not start to grow until I put a wooden fence behind them. It was so rotted I took it down in the summer of 2007, and am, of course, always just about to put up a new one. Well, they lived through last winter, why not this one to?

Now the man with the girl on his shoulders is my Hubby with 16 years old DD2. They just love to make stunts like that.

And in the top photo are also my Hubby, but this time with just turned 19 years old DD2, taken on a little Sunday drive in the beginning of August. She was visiting with her boyfriend.

Hm, found more photos, that means a new post.


I wanted to take a photo of my clothes lines this morning, but could not find my camera. Any way it was to dark. So after milking and all that I napped my hubby's camera for the shots. When I was looking at the results I saw there were 210 photos, well I got me a good laundry time while downloading. I had forgotten some of the photos that I had taken last summer when, as now I could not find my camera. It's not that I am old and forgetting things, oh no, I have a DD2 who sometimes borrows and she forgets to tell me about it. A ha quite right.

I have not figured out how not to make the photos always go to the top of the blog so until I have, I will just post a new with the other ones.


Monday, January 26, 2009

String quilt and Crazy quilt.

I got a comment from Mary L. at quiltinginoz about this resize pictures program and decided to give it a try. To make long story short: Downloaded, installed, spent long time last night trying to get in to it to start resizing, had DD2 boyfriend look at it for me tonight, and he of course, being young and of the computer age quickly saw that the only thing I have to do is go in my picture folder, right klick on the photo and ta da I get as one of the options: Resizes picture. Duh, did I ever feel embarrassed, but that is the fact about me and computers. We dont really macth.

Any way, thank you so very much Mary, this is such a great program and a time saver.

String quilt, also called: My very own.

And Ialso got a comment from Marlene at stitchinbythelake about my string quilt in the header. It made me realize I have not told you about it.

I made this last summer when I had the grumpy time with the O C (see earlier post). The foundation for the center blocks are used drier sheets from my mother (it's as big as the sheets very many that I had received form her at that time) and the piano border and the corner crumb blocks are made using sheets from a phone book . The thin middle border is dark, kind a moss green and the outer border is dark brown, they only look black because I did not take the photos until last december. Yeah I know, great thinking, but I have only recently started to photgraph all my quilts and sewing stuff.

I will take another photo when we see the sun again (saw it last some time in november), that will be in a 5 days or so, depends on the weather, and then it wont be so dark and gloomy. I have never got a feeling like I got when I made this quilt. When I was putting the top together I suddenly felt so strongly that this was my quilt. I could not have given it away. My MIL came by at that time and asked who would get it, and when I told her this was absolutely mine, she said good, its about time.

Crazy quilt.
This was the first "big" quilt I started, but not the first I finished. It's not very big, I dont have the measure, but I am 163 cm. and it comes to my shoulders. It was supposed to get in a small quiltshow (we dont hold shows with awards, just for fun)(oh, ehem, it would never have won any awards) but I took it to Reykjavik (our one and only city 6 hours drive away) to show to my mother. Wich I did on my arrival, she asked who would get it and I said (out of the blue) well how about you. Why thank you dear, she said, laid down in front of the tv with it and continued watching Survival. Its still with my mom, I did not have the heart to take it away.

It's made with all kind of fabric from me , my mom, her mom, my MIL and SIL. The batting is cotton, and the back is flannel. I quilted it with buttons of many sizes and colors. The non cotton fabrics have not lasted very well, and the cat my mother had for a short time did not treat it nicely. But my mom still likes it.

That's all for now. Oh, I forgot, Im more than half way through quilting the O C.

Ps. When I wisited my mom in december I took my string quilt with me. I put it behind my back and told her that what I was about to show her was mine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learnig, or at least trying to.

Will you look at that . I have a title.

Now the O C or the Orange Crush is a mystery from Quiltville .com that I have bin working on for, well I don't remember how long, but it is quite some time now. Okay, truth is, I got so grumpy at it when I could not get the borders to behave that I put it away for a few months. But hopefully now it will be finished soon and get presented to one of my extras. (I have a few extra kids)

A young man who is a friend to my sons and had a second home with us when he was a teenager. He graduated from collage and engineering last spring and was supposed to have the quilt then, but best laid plans and so on..... By the way, his mom is a friend of mine, actually through him, and she calls me his other mom. He works as a engineer on a fishing ship (not a boat, its bigger than a boat) that his father and grandfather own.

Now the O C was the first thing I had not written properly about, the other thing is the swap that I am part of. It is a quiltville swap group on yahoo. This swap group was started to unclog (for lack of better word) the quiltville chat that is also on yahoo and both were started by Bonnie Hunter, a great mystery creator. I am doing another mystery from her now called Double Delight or DD for short.

I have finished step one and two but had to put a hold on it, same as quilting the O C, to sew the shirts and apron I wrote about in the last post. Now as that is finished (and boy am I happy about that) I will continue with the others.

Oh, and the thorrablot last night was a success as always. Lots and lots of laughter. This year group of 11 women did a great job. I will not be in the next one, its always read from a scroll at the end of the entertainment and then the scroll is handed to the next foreman. But as its bin six years since I was last in the group I may expect to hear my name in two years or so. Now there are not jet photos on our local web news so here is one since 2001 from

The lady on the right is Helga and she is married to my FIL oldest brother, the other woman is Inga, married to one of the brothers of Helga. I and my two SIL are next to them but blogger cuts us of. Hm, not worthy of seeing, are we now. Lol.

Now this will be all today, it is taking much to long to post. I just hope I will be faster with more practice. Oh, one last thought, I read about a new mystery here I just might give it a try.
(have you figured out that I have just learned how to highlight other blogs or websites, lol)


Friday, January 23, 2009

I have just talked to DD1 and she has given me a lesson in: Stretch/skew so now I have a bunch of photos to put in my blog. She said maby she should become a computer teacher for the elderly ha, ha, very funny.Tonight I will start with my OC witch I am now quilting bit by bit using my Janome 6600.

As it is I have not had much time to quilt as I am finally finishing my shirt (started almost 2 years ago) for my national costume (upphlutur) and making another shirt and an apron for my DD2. The apron is almost totally by hand but not as much the shirts. Will post a photo later.

The reason for making these now is that my DD thought she would be using her upphlutur this evening, she was wrong, but its great to have them finished as she will wearing the costume in May at my older DD gratuation from collage.

Now as for me . I am going to a dinner and a ball tomorrow night, where all the women will be wearing a costume, either upphlutur or peysufot. And most of the men will be wearing the mens costume. Not hubby though as he has outgrown his, (or our storage space for our clothes is so shaggy that its making his clothes shrink, hm I wonder)

We bring our own food (old Icelandic food eaten out of a wooden ... ah, I dont have the word, its not really a box but lets leave it at that) and drinks, get entertained by 11 women that will set up mini plays and sing songs about things that have happened in our town for the last year and at the dance later in the evening and night we will be dancing the "old dances" in between the newer ones.

This dinner and a ball is called Thorrablot, I will not try to explain the what and why of it, but Thorri was a month in our old calendar and starts to day, the third friday in Januar, which is also the farmers day, today very few men are farmers so its considered more as a husbands day. We, the wives and sweetharts are of course very nice and loving on this day. Well more so than usually. Hm, let me finsish this so I can go and watch my hubby with loving eyes as he snores in front of the tv. Lol. Sew happy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally, it happened, I have a PHOTO, here is a photo of my six sets of ten Chunky Churn Dash blocks that I sent to Dee Dee the swap diva in Canada. They have arrived so now its waiting time. Some are jet to arrive, so I don't know when return time is.
I am having a hard time with the photo thing, seems I have to shrink them first, because if not it takes forever to upload, at least longer than my patience is. Hm, this does not sound right, any way I have forgotten how to do that , the shrinking thing that is, so will phone DD1 tomorrow for a repeated lesson, now there is a girl with more patience than I. Well sometimes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well hello, this is day one, and my blog has started with big help from DD1. Hm, she actually did all the work, but I will take over now and stumble on. Always so optimistic. Will try a photo next.