Monday, January 26, 2009

String quilt and Crazy quilt.

I got a comment from Mary L. at quiltinginoz about this resize pictures program and decided to give it a try. To make long story short: Downloaded, installed, spent long time last night trying to get in to it to start resizing, had DD2 boyfriend look at it for me tonight, and he of course, being young and of the computer age quickly saw that the only thing I have to do is go in my picture folder, right klick on the photo and ta da I get as one of the options: Resizes picture. Duh, did I ever feel embarrassed, but that is the fact about me and computers. We dont really macth.

Any way, thank you so very much Mary, this is such a great program and a time saver.

String quilt, also called: My very own.

And Ialso got a comment from Marlene at stitchinbythelake about my string quilt in the header. It made me realize I have not told you about it.

I made this last summer when I had the grumpy time with the O C (see earlier post). The foundation for the center blocks are used drier sheets from my mother (it's as big as the sheets very many that I had received form her at that time) and the piano border and the corner crumb blocks are made using sheets from a phone book . The thin middle border is dark, kind a moss green and the outer border is dark brown, they only look black because I did not take the photos until last december. Yeah I know, great thinking, but I have only recently started to photgraph all my quilts and sewing stuff.

I will take another photo when we see the sun again (saw it last some time in november), that will be in a 5 days or so, depends on the weather, and then it wont be so dark and gloomy. I have never got a feeling like I got when I made this quilt. When I was putting the top together I suddenly felt so strongly that this was my quilt. I could not have given it away. My MIL came by at that time and asked who would get it, and when I told her this was absolutely mine, she said good, its about time.

Crazy quilt.
This was the first "big" quilt I started, but not the first I finished. It's not very big, I dont have the measure, but I am 163 cm. and it comes to my shoulders. It was supposed to get in a small quiltshow (we dont hold shows with awards, just for fun)(oh, ehem, it would never have won any awards) but I took it to Reykjavik (our one and only city 6 hours drive away) to show to my mother. Wich I did on my arrival, she asked who would get it and I said (out of the blue) well how about you. Why thank you dear, she said, laid down in front of the tv with it and continued watching Survival. Its still with my mom, I did not have the heart to take it away.

It's made with all kind of fabric from me , my mom, her mom, my MIL and SIL. The batting is cotton, and the back is flannel. I quilted it with buttons of many sizes and colors. The non cotton fabrics have not lasted very well, and the cat my mother had for a short time did not treat it nicely. But my mom still likes it.

That's all for now. Oh, I forgot, Im more than half way through quilting the O C.

Ps. When I wisited my mom in december I took my string quilt with me. I put it behind my back and told her that what I was about to show her was mine.

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