Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learnig, or at least trying to.

Will you look at that . I have a title.

Now the O C or the Orange Crush is a mystery from Quiltville .com that I have bin working on for, well I don't remember how long, but it is quite some time now. Okay, truth is, I got so grumpy at it when I could not get the borders to behave that I put it away for a few months. But hopefully now it will be finished soon and get presented to one of my extras. (I have a few extra kids)

A young man who is a friend to my sons and had a second home with us when he was a teenager. He graduated from collage and engineering last spring and was supposed to have the quilt then, but best laid plans and so on..... By the way, his mom is a friend of mine, actually through him, and she calls me his other mom. He works as a engineer on a fishing ship (not a boat, its bigger than a boat) that his father and grandfather own.

Now the O C was the first thing I had not written properly about, the other thing is the swap that I am part of. It is a quiltville swap group on yahoo. This swap group was started to unclog (for lack of better word) the quiltville chat that is also on yahoo and both were started by Bonnie Hunter, a great mystery creator. I am doing another mystery from her now called Double Delight or DD for short.

I have finished step one and two but had to put a hold on it, same as quilting the O C, to sew the shirts and apron I wrote about in the last post. Now as that is finished (and boy am I happy about that) I will continue with the others.

Oh, and the thorrablot last night was a success as always. Lots and lots of laughter. This year group of 11 women did a great job. I will not be in the next one, its always read from a scroll at the end of the entertainment and then the scroll is handed to the next foreman. But as its bin six years since I was last in the group I may expect to hear my name in two years or so. Now there are not jet photos on our local web news so here is one since 2001 from

The lady on the right is Helga and she is married to my FIL oldest brother, the other woman is Inga, married to one of the brothers of Helga. I and my two SIL are next to them but blogger cuts us of. Hm, not worthy of seeing, are we now. Lol.

Now this will be all today, it is taking much to long to post. I just hope I will be faster with more practice. Oh, one last thought, I read about a new mystery here I just might give it a try.
(have you figured out that I have just learned how to highlight other blogs or websites, lol)


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  1. I've made two "string quilts" (that's what I call them) similar to the one on your post. They are a lot of fun to do and help me get rid of some scraps. I love the way you put the narrow black border, then more strings and another black border. It really sets off the colors. blessings, marlene