Sunday, August 31, 2014

A beautiful little life.

Now the last reason for less blogging and blog reading.

First there was fence mending (well and haying later)

Then my beautiful blond daughter Steina got married to her Dori (nickname for Halldor, Seina's name is Steinunn).

Well, I have another daughter Ebba (dark haired) and she is engaged to a lovely young man, Einar. I'm so lucky to have these two great sons in law.

Here my daughter Ebba is in a photo taken on June 6.

Another taken on August 1.

And on August 3 my beautiful grandson was born, 4040 gr. and 55 cm. This was taken in the first hours after birth.

This a few days later.

And this photo was taken yesterday. He is so precious.

I think the last two reasons for my absence are absolutely perfect.