Friday, January 30, 2009

More last summer and itty, bitty quilty things.

Hah, now I can write between the photos, never could before when I tried. Hopefully this will continue. lol. Now here are from right to left: Asmundur, a friend of ours and owner of one of the cars we were driving, he is a truck driver and a farmer, next is DS2 a week from turning 21 and then DSIL. The photo is taken from the top floor of a deserted farm house we were taking a better look at. ( the only house left standing)

And here you can see one of the roads we drove, I hope you can figure out where the road continues as I don't I have the right words to explain it. To the right and doooown is the rocky beach and then the sea. Scary.

Now as to the O C, I have finished quilting it, the binding is ready, but I got lead astray by another quilt that I finished quilting before the O C, and have made the binding on that, and sewed it on. Will sew the binding on the O C later today and hopefully hand stitch both of them down watching tv over the weekend.
Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Funny, it looks like the road goes into the mountain. But I see after looking closely that it drops downhill there. LOL