Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Icelandic farming animals.

Drats, because of computer crash last summer I don't have photos of any other animals in the computer than my cat and dog, and they don't count in this subject so to not post with out a photo: Here is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, Dynjandi also called Fjallfoss. It's here in Vestfirdir, in Dynjandisvogur in Arnarfjordur. (we have one fjord (fjordur) and many firdir (fjords)).

I got a mail about the horses in a photo in a earlier post, so I thought I would give you the trail (as we say in Iceland) to a page where you can see some of the colors in cows, sheep and horses that live in Iceland.

We are very proud of our animals, who are pretty much of the same stock the first settlers brought with them, starting back in 874. There was some import of new blood both in sheep and cow some time in 1800 and early 1900, but it always proved to be a disaster because of all kind of sicknesses that came with it. So now there are laws against import of horses, cows and sheep, and I hope they will stick to it.

Dogs and cats have to stay in isolation before allowed in to the country, but it is some other way with the pigs and birds (hens, turkeys), they get new blood regularly but there are strict rules.

Oh, yes the trail, its here, I'm sorry but is does not seem you are able to click on the photos to make them bigger. But you should get the general idea. We have a very colorful live stock.


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  1. I don't specifically remember the cows and sheep, but when we visited Iceland, I was so struck by the horses. They were beautiful, and so different from the horses we see here in the U.S. Thanks for the "trails" to see the pictures.