Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My children and their quilts.

These four beautiful individuals are my children. They are not like each other, neither in looks or temperament. But they are all mine and all have the same father. (I have bin asked veiled questions trough the years lol)

I made them each a quilt made mostly or completely of HST. The white background fabric are old curtains from their granny Edda ( my fathers very good friend) and the colored fabric is from all over, my granny Bubba, my great aunt Gagga, my mother, my hubbys BIL shirts and of course my own stash.

This quilt belongs to my older son, Jon Ingi. He is first to the left and his hair is really rather blond. It's made in red black and gray, the colors of Massey Ferguson, his favorite tractors.
This set up of blocks was not what I had intended, I don't remember what quilt mag. I was working with, but I did not like it so moved pieces around till I was happy. I still like it.

This one belongs to Johann Olafur my younger son, his hair is dark brown. I was looking through new bought McCall's Quilting June 2004 when he walked by, saw this Lady of the Lake quilt , stopped and said: Now that is a beautiful quilt. Need I say more? (It's called Lady of Hope in the mag.)

I was a little late in the day taking these photos, so the colors don't show right. These are beautifully jewel green and purple/violet colors for the princess, my older daughter. She started talking early and talked fast, but not always so you could easily understand. If asked what her name was she answered: Deina Dilla Ohnadotti issa bissa Osi Boluvig and when people just looked at her blankly I translated: Steinunn Dilja Hognadottir prinsessa Osi Bolungarvik. She's my blond girl on the far right, and yes, horrors of horrors, her younger sister is taller.

And last but not least, here are the left overs, made up as Village Square from McCall's Quilting October 2003. This quilt was what started me on the HST. And for a long time after I finished these quilts I shuddered at the thought of making triangles again. But I am over that now. lol.
The borders are from Quilters Cache and were needed because my younger daughter Gudbjorg Ebba, got a bed with out head and foot boards (unlike her siblings) after the top was finished and then needed to be bigger.

And here completes th estory of my children's quilts.



  1. What gorgeous quilts..not sure which one I like best, maybe the last one. But I'd love to own any of them. Beautiful gifts!

  2. What beautiful children and their quilts are gorgeous. I have 4 beautiful children as well but mine all look like me.

  3. What a gift to your beautiful children. That is priceless.

  4. What beautiful quilts for your very attractive children! Isn't it amazing what different things can be done with half square triangles?

  5. Your children are lucky to have such beautiful quilts from you. And you are lucky to have such beautiful children. They look like nice kids too.