Monday, February 23, 2009

Trash catcher/pin cushion.

This is my trash bag, as we call it here in Iceland. There has bin some discussion on the Quiltville chat about them so thought I would show you mine.

I have made many of these as gifts. I use a plastic container to make the ring that holds the bag, and use the lid to trace after on a thick paper to make the plate that the cushion sits on. Then cover it with batting before I sew the fabric together. Better to remember to slip the strip of fabric that holds the bag inside before you close the seam. I'm talking from experience here. Lol.

I don't know how the fastening of the cushion to the plate is usually done, but I learned to use what we call "French sipper" I think it's called velcro? or something. Then you have to remember to sew one part of it on the cover of the plate before..... see above, lol, and the other under the cushion.

I like the tile idea in stead of paper for plate, because the bag can get heavy with trash and though I let it sit on a rubber mat it's often not enough.

(Here was a photo of the bottom of the bag, but I accidentally deleted it and have no idea how to insert it to the same spot. It does not play nice and always goes to the top, so I'll just leave it out.)

I also use the lid to trace the bottom fabric so the bottom is round as the bag. I thought that was how it was done when I made my first, I was not right there but I liked it so that's how I've made them all.

Ups, I forgot to mention I use slippery fabric inside the bag, makes it so much easier to empty it. Also talking from experience here.

Now, at last, I thought I'd show you what I do with the poly blends that have found their way in to my home. They make great shopping bags. I've also made some of these for gifts.

Have a nice day all.


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  1. I love your trash bag/pin cushion! So clever. The bags are great too. My friend made me a couple for Christmas, and I love them.