Friday, January 30, 2009

Last summer.

Well, they were supposed to sit in another order, so the bottom photo is my corner with roses next to the clothes lines, as you can see in one of the winter photos.

The next one up is my other flower corner in my garden, my late father told me when I moved here that I would be living on the borders of the inhabitable world. I just laughed, but my flowers and trees agree wit him, always have. To the right in the photo you can see one of my birch trees, yes I know they are not big, I bet you would think they are just 4, 5 years old, bot oh no, the are almost 20 years old, and did not start to grow until I put a wooden fence behind them. It was so rotted I took it down in the summer of 2007, and am, of course, always just about to put up a new one. Well, they lived through last winter, why not this one to?

Now the man with the girl on his shoulders is my Hubby with 16 years old DD2. They just love to make stunts like that.

And in the top photo are also my Hubby, but this time with just turned 19 years old DD2, taken on a little Sunday drive in the beginning of August. She was visiting with her boyfriend.

Hm, found more photos, that means a new post.

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  1. Nice to see the pics, Sunna. I love the quilt you posted.