Monday, October 20, 2014


This young fellow has been christened. 

Guðmundur Högni
(Gudmundur Hogni)
After his grandfathers.

Sleep is good.

WHO is this woman? always with a camera in my face.


Autumn is coming to an end as we are having the first  winter storm today. Round up is done, slaughtering and the tiring meet work is over, I just love freezers full of meat.

And the autumn retreat. Fun, fun, fun.
Here are a few photos to show you what was going on.
Oddny showed us this finished quilt she was working on at our spring retreat. (Only needs binding in this photo)

This was a short mystery on Friday night.

Sigrun has recently finished this top, a 12 years old UFO.

Johanna finished putting this top together that she started working on at the spring retreat.

Syta is making this one from a pattern from GE Desing.

And finally, swap blocks from 2009 that I wanted out of the box. I have since added one more row to make it longer and borders, when finished I will hopefully have seen the last of the fabrics in the Hour Glass blocks

The blocks in this top came from Arizona. From a member in an internet charity group I'm in. There are more blocks, but I wanted to play with this layout first. I think it would have been prettier with a sharper green in the shasings and borders, but it what it is. 

Lastly, I made progress on this top and got help in figuring out the size of the setting triangles. I also bought the perfect fabric for borders for this quilt. I will try to finish it before the end of the year, I plan to make it a late graduation quilt for a young girl, friend of ours that graduated from collage/high school last spring.

There was loads more going on, I just wasn't active enough with the camera. I thought it just splendid to upload the photos for this post while reading up on other blogs, not so. It took forever to upload and I'm actually very tired and cranky by now. Bed it is then.



  1. great quilts...enjoy your winter storm.

  2. So many wonderful quilts. And what a cute baby.

  3. I thought you must have been busy looking after your cute little grandson and getting ready for winter. Gudmundor Hogni is a great name, it sounds strong but friendly too. You and your friends make such wonderful quilts!! Uploading photos makes me cranky too, it takes forever sometimes. I'm glad you took the time though, I really enjoyed seeing what you've been up.