Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gas pollution.

If you didn't know it I can inform you that Iceland has lots of volcanoes and one is erupting at the moment. Although we are very far from the eruption it has started to affect our life.

With this.

This is a more normal view (although a bit cloudy) from the same direction.

On to quilty matters. Last winter I was involved in a constant "battle" with DS2 about MY sports bag. Every time I was going to the swim aerobics I had to look for my bag and empty men sports things out of it, phew, the smell of the shoes. So a solution had to be found, buy a sports bag for DS or sew me one. I didn't really have to think very hard about it.

I decided to make the bag in such way that DS would never get caught in the open carrying it. I also wanted to make it sturdy and long lasting so this was a perfect opportunity to use some of my thicker fabrics that have come to me from many different sources.

Here are the fabrics I used, no pattern, just made it.

And the result, it has never been used by anyone but me. YESSSSSS.

And lastly, I'm busy baking for the Christening celebration this coming Sunday when this beautiful boy will be given a name.

Infectious smile.



  1. I'm laughing that you made a bag that no one else will use!!! I love it, it's bright and colourful and doesn't smell like boys shoes. Does the volcano gas smell and is it bad for you? Your views are spectacular. Your little grandson really does have a gorgeous smile!!

  2. I love the bag however that little guys smile is so beautiful. Both put a smile on my face.