Monday, September 15, 2014


Last year I happened to find Sea Mayweed in one of our fields that had fused itself thoroughly. This year I found another plant few meters from where last year plant grew and it, more than anything, started me rereading the Edge series by Ilona Andrews because in one of the books there is some ugly fusion happenings. This however is not really ugly.

Then there is the fusion in the asphalt in our old road. A leg bone from a lamb. This is actually more of an embedding and Hubby loves to tell people this is a leftover from a road kill since when the road last got a new overlap. Sometimes when he's asked about something, anything really, he gets this glint in his eye and begins the answer with the words "T h a t' s   b e c a u s e..............." and people who know him, know better than to take anything he then says seriously, sadly strangers don't always realize this. (lol)

And lastly, a tractor fusion, the old cab of this tractor was in the same shape as 

this cab. It doesn't show well in the photo, but the cab is really rusty, dangerously so even. Hubby and DS2, who is in the photo, deemed it safer to remove the doors.

I came home earlier this evening from the city, I went there to visit my mother and the newly weds and then went just outside the city to give a class in my way of free motion quilting on Saturday. It was great fun and the ladies who attended were satisfied. Notice that I don't say it was a class in free motion quilting. Only in my way and what works for me. Did I take a camera with me??? YES. Did I intend to take photos??? YES. Did I actually take photos??? no

But I gave the wedding quilt to my daughter and her husband and I managed to get a photo of it on Saturday evening before it was to dark. This is the Celtic Solstice mystery from Bonnie Hunter, at least my version. And the biggest quilt I've ever made. 250 cm x 280 cm.




  1. Love the quilt. What a great wedding gift.

  2. I love the way you have used the theme of Fusion in the post. How funny is that unusual daisy, and a bone in the road!! I wonder what is your way of free motion quilting? If I lived closer I would do your class. Your Celtic Solstice quilt is really beautiful!! Wonderful rich colours and I love the pattern, the size is impressive too!