Friday, November 14, 2014

Me and my man and............

Last summer we walked happy and smiling out of the church when DD1 got married.

And later in the summer we became the proud grandparents of a.................


Who is the most beautiful frog in the world.

And the son of DD2. 

Now, I have two sons and I have, ever so gently, told them that I would not mind if they met lovely ladies that were already mothers.

I LOVE BEING A GRANNY or as we call it  in Iceland AMMA!!!

                                Sunna amma.


  1. Great picture of you and such a cute grandchild. Loved seeing you.

  2. It's so lovely to see a photo of you and your husband. That is the cutest frog!! I'm sure there'll be lots of grandchildren to come.

  3. Sunna, you and your hubby make a very handsome pair! The baby (frog) is darling and I'm right there with you - being a grandparent is absolutely the best.