Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tired blogger.

I had named this post "Lazy blogger" but then kicked myself in the butt and from now on I will stop calling myself lazy when I'm tired. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia on October 29. last year and from that day I've been working on my diet and exercise. Although I will never get well as this is a chronic disease I'm going to get as well as I can. I take all the advise and help handed to me but it's my body and my life so it's up to me to get better. That's my take on it anyway.

We went ice skating for a few days in early February but then it snowed for two days, not much but enough to make skating difficult and for almost a week now it's been warm so the ice is all watery and no fun. Here are DD2 Ebba and Hubby.

And that's me, as you can see there is no snow to speak off and much less today after the thaw we've been having. I've said it before and will say it again. It's plain not normal.

Last Saturday was my guilds mystery day. No one figured out what we were doing until we were told in the end. It's a message board with pockets for the three p's, pins, paper and pens.

Mine turned out dull because of the color of the fabric I chose as main fabric. That is one of the risks when you are doing a mystery.

So to fix this I sewed the black frame you can see half finished in this photo.

We used buttons to hold the cork tile secure. Pretty buttons on the front.

And plain buttons in the back.

This is how it looks finished. I like it.

Here is a close up of the owl. It was a fun to make. It was the first step and totally threw us, you should have heard some of the guesses along the day as to what we were working on. An apron, a Phone book cover, a remote control holder and from one of the oldest lady a detailed description on how this was to be used it the bathroom to hold female things for our monthly.... you know, how the slot for the pen would be ideal for the tam.... Wont say more but that got us laughing.

I handed the Log Cabin top (from my last post) over to our Hero Quilt Boss who shoved us this quilt that had recently come back from the woman who has machine quilted all our Hero Quilts. She does this for free and we will be inviting her to come to our retreat in May with our guild paying for her. I hope she will be able to come. She came to our retreat two years ago and is a really nice woman.

This quilt is going to a man that had to have a new heart.

Have a nice day all.


  1. I love that quilt...what a great quilt to give to a man who needs a new heart. Good to see you again!! Hugs

  2. I'm still laughing thinking of your guesses for the mystery project! And I LOVE the log cabin quilt. I'm sure the recipient will to. And the LAST thing you should ever call yourself is lazy! Glad you're over that!!!!

  3. I think I need one of those thingies that hold womens personal needs for my bathroom. The hero quilt is quite lovely

  4. You do need to take care of yourself, Sunna. I'm glad you're doing that. The log cabin quilt is gorgeous! The recipient is a lucky man. Your project looked like fun, and the guesses were funny. Yours ended up looking very cute!