Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to cure an applique disaster.

I have looked everywhere but can't find my camera, aha, DS1 just came home and he'd taken it (not for the first time) without asking. He asked once to borrow the camera years ago when it was new, the yes he got then is apparently valid for life. I do need to correct that assumption.

So, I scanned the appliqued blocks I wanted to show on my blog tonight. I have made 16 of these flower blocks. Two days ago when I started to square them up and sew them together with some other appliqued blocks I found out the flowers and leafs were all misplaced.

They should sit over one inch lower (nearer the bottom edge of the block) on the background so the connecting pink ribbon would go under the flower. I swear I felt all my internal organs sink like rocks way down to my abdomen, not a nice feeling. And I've been thinking and thinking about what to do, finally deciding to rip out all the applique and start over, but aw... 16 blocks.

Then this evening I went to a bee meeting and took the blocks with me to start ripping, but also hoping the good ladies I'd meet would have some miracle solution.

When I spread the blocks out and told them about the problem I saw the solution at the same time they did. Wow, it was so simple and perfect and I'd been totally blind to it, after all, who can think clearly with all their organs misplaced?

I simply moved the ribbon a little higher to fit the flower. These blocks are the last round of a mystery Round Robin project that ran in McCall's Quilting in 2007.

My wonderful ladies also reminded me of the golden sentence I'm so fond of. "Who says it has to be exactly the same as in the magazine" or pattern, or what ever. I'm so relieved and not only are all my organs in the right place again but my spirit is flying somewhere and singing happy songs. Blah, what a gravel. Lol. What can I say, I'm in the best of moods but.... also a bit irritated for allowing this to affect me so strongly. Well it's late, I'd better grab the spirit and go to bed.

Good night



  1. Very clever! I've done something similar several times - what can I say..I'm not observant I guess. I have a small basket quilt table topper where one basket is turned sideways to all the others! I just sit a candle on that one block and no one knows. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Perfect solution! I'm so glad you don't have to rip all of the blocks apart. Sorry I didn't know the blocks you were working on to help.

  3. I think you solved the problem very well!
    Wish you a very Happy Easter!

  4. I like how you solved the problem. We all have have times when we have to figure out how to deal with something we have done incorrectly. On a recent paper pieced project I found a piece that was the wrong color, and I appliqued the correct color over it, and it is very hard to detect. You just do what you have to do!! :-)