Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thread basting.

This is the bottom photo, read on. lol.

This was taken at guild meeting last winter, I'm sewing the poinsettia blocks from the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Carolina Christmas. (I'm usually one of the last lo leave)

And here is one of the blocks. The quilt would have been so huge if I'd made it as it was supposed to be made so I changed it in to two quilts and one Round Robin center.

Here I was about two weeks ago, thread basting this part of my Carolina Christmas.

A better view.

I've also thread basted the other half, the Christmas Star part and two other of Bonnie's mysteries, Double Delight and Christmas Lights. They are ready for quilting. Not only that, I'm also ready for quilting. lol. Now I can grab a quilt and get to quilt it right away when the mood strikes.

This top is a mystery from Iowa Star Quilts, called Dinah's Delight. I didn't follow the guide lines while putting it together, there are supposed to be sashings, but I was so utterly fed up with doing the sashings on both of the Carolina Christmas tops that I changed it. I also did not piece the setting triangles like I should have. I wasn't happy with all this green and was thinking about ripping out the green fabric when I got this marvelous idea.

Why not just cut some of the green away? Yeah, right. Now it's to short, but I like it better though. So, I'm going to make a pieced border on one end and then add a strip of green. I think that will make it okay.

Would you believe it, I just deleted the photo with the top after I'd cut of most of the green, uploaded it again and I don't know how to move it down here so it's up on the top of the post. Now it's after midnight and I missed making this an August post as I intended it to be. I'm sleepy, that's a good excuse, guess it's time to post this and go to bed.



  1. Oh I LOVE it! I even liked it with the wider green. And I like it without sashing. Gives it a whole different look and I think it is GREAT!

  2. I LIKE it without the sashing! I also like the narrower border. Good job!! I think it looks really nice! I really enjoy seeing how you've taken my design and changed it. That's part of the fun of designing and quilting!

  3. Oh, my, your quilts are really beautiful! I love them both.