Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sun.

I know this is a bit of an over kill, three posts in one day, but I forgot this photo that I wanted to show you. I took it at 1.30 pm. today when I was photographing the Christmas Light quilt. This is how far down the mountain side the sun shines today. If we have a clear sky on December 21. (Solstice) I'll try to remember to take a photo, to show you how far the sun rays reach then.

The car with the lights on is hubby's work car, called the "sperm car". He was on his way to some farms to meet a couple of cows that were eagerly waiting for him. Lol.



  1. I'm curious, Sunna, about how much daylight you do get at the Solstice. By the way, I commented on the quilt you made, but didn't mention how pretty the table runner and stockings are.

  2. Dec. 21 - this is the day! I too am looking for your picture of how much daylight/darkness you have at the height of the day....