Friday, June 17, 2011

Fjallkonan 17 júní 2011

Fjallkonan, or the Lady of the Mountain this year in Bolungarvík was my DD2 Ebba.

June 17th is the Icelandic national holiday and it is tradition to have the Lady of the mountain recite a patriotic poem at the celebration. The Lady of the Mountain always wears this costume which is one of the Icelandic national costumes. The name, Lady of the Mountain, is a metaphor for a free Iceland. If you are interested you can read about it here.

This costume is not a true costume, it's made of velvet with painted on pattern and poly lace. A true costume is made of wool (black) and hand embroidery at the bottom of the skirt and sleeves and on the front of the bodice. Like in this photo.

It's been much to long since I've posted, I wont promise to be more active but I'll try.


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