Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eight quilts found a new home

The first photo shows the quilting in one of the quilts shown in the last photo. I'm blogging for the first time since Blogger changed and I'm having some difficulty adjusting.

All the photos show quilts that went to a new home this December, there are lots of children that come to this home to stay, some for long periods, other stay not as long and I gave the quilts to the home with the words that it was up to the workers there if the quilts would be given to the children, or if the quilts would belong to the home. I took the photos at my mom's home. The panels are from old curtains that I was given because the owner could not bear to throw them away.

There are three elephant/lion quilts.

 I wish now that I'd only made two of them, with six animal each, like the doll quilt.

 When I was quilting the panel quilts I got to thinking that the older kids tend to be forgotten so I finished making the rest of Bonnie Hunter's Virginia Bound blocks that I'd used some of to make the quilt I sent to Japan, there were three more stars in the Japan quilt so I made the top and bottom border bigger to get it to similar size.

I also finished Log Cabin blocks that I'd been making, using strips that for various reasons were not fitting in with the hero blocks I sometimes make for my guild. There is no log the same in these 7" blocks and I love how the quilt turned out. I'm definitively going to make more of those blocks and I'll be using this setup again too.

Two  more of the smallest quilts.

Boy, am I having trouble with this new blogger features.

I was going to make good on a promise to post about my sewing machines, but I can't find the photos I'd taken of them and I don't even have four of them around as they are in the city undergoing repair and/or cleaning and oiling. I have no idea when I'll get my machines home, but I will make a post about them when I have them back. 

One of the machines was given tome last November. It's a Pfaff 262 (made in 1965- 68) cabin (hope this is the right word) machine and I've sanded and oiled the cabin. It's looking good although the door is missing. The machine itself has a very good motor, but there are to many things wrong that it would cost as much as a new machine to fix it proper. 

So the repair man is going to fix it so it sews straight stitch only and I'm happy with that. You wouldn't believe how beautifully quiet the motor sounds. I'll be able to sew long into the night without bothering hubby after I move the sewing room upstairs to the room next to the master bedroom. LOL.


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  1. Sunna, it's good to see a post from you again. I'm having a bit of trouble adjusting to the blog changes also. Your quilts all look so nice, and it's good that you are helping children who are need a helping hand.

    I especially love your log cabin quilt. Will you be keeping it?