Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I have finally sat down with my new laptop (I turned 50 in October and the family gave me a Toshiba) to make a post. I have been thinking about posting a lot lately and wish I'd done it yesterday as I'd planned, to finish up the year so to speak. But cooking took more time than I thought and then I actually sat down in front of the TV, which happens almost never and I ended up watching it until two in the morning.

But on to some quilty things.

Here is my Elm Street, finished. It covers my guest bed, but is actually to big for it.

I told my mother about Bonnie Hunter and how she uses pages from phone books to sew strips on. This is what mom came up with. I fell completely in love with this quilt while I quilted it for my mother. It will go to my younger brother. 

I went on a UFO finishing spree the last few weeks of the year and dug up some blocks from swaps which I then sewed up in tops. Here are two of them. Attic Window with winter theme.

And one with Christmas theme. Both tops need borders and I'm waiting for a bit longer days and better weather before choosing fabrics for the borders. The days have been very dark lately. 


At the beginning of the year I started a Block of the Month for a internet group I'm in, with the history of Iceland as the theme. 

I used the Attic Window pattern to finish the blocks into a top because we were looking through the windows of the past. I chose dark blue for the sides and snowy pale blue for the bottom because I started and ended the project in the darkest time of the year with much snow on the ground and covering our windows. It's the same here though, regarding the last border/s. I will wait for better light to choose the fabric, but I can't wait to long as the ladies are waiting for the last/finishing file.

Somehow I put the strips of fabric on the (to me) wrong side of the blocks and I could not see the 3D effect. (Although I see it now, could not see it when I first took the photo)

So I ripped and resewed and am happier with the top now. 

The wall behind the fleece I use as design wall looks terrible lavender in the photos, it's not quite so bad in reality, but I was finishing up lots of rests of paint, purple, blue, yellow and pale, pale sand and this was the result. This reminds me that I have yet to make a post about my new sewing room that I moved into last winter (2012)

I am making Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, Celtic Solstice, but it's not going well. I sewed over a pin in November and the needle position is not quite right since. I forget it half the time and the tri rec units are not very forgiving when the seam allowance is not accurate. Sigh. This quilt will be for DD2 and her Hubby to be. They will get married this coming summer. I offered her the Elm Street but she said it was just not in her colors. So she chose the colors for the CS and they are blue, green, burgundy and then I added grey for the fourth color.

Now I better post this while it's still New Years Eve. Which reminds me, last night was not New Years Eve, oh no, not in Iceland. It was Old Years Eve. Tonight is New Years Eve.



  1. Happy New Year!
    Nice to see you in blogland again! So many lovely quilts! And I'm curious to see the next mystery quilt you are working on.