Friday, July 24, 2009

Autumn weather.

When we got up this morning we saw this looking out the window. Not something we are used to on July 24. It got me thinking about the man who named our country Iceland. Floki Vilgerdarson came here in the summer of eight hundred something and because there was so much fish in the fjord they stayed in (in the western parts of Vestfirdir) they got busy fishing instead of making hay, so in the winter all his animals died. The next spring was a cold one and when he once walked up on a mountain and saw over the northern fjords (where I live) and saw ice on the sea in the fjords he named the land Iceland. What are you willing to bet he was not in a good mood at the time. I know the man was a great viking, but what a looser.

The snow will hopefully be gone tomorrow as it's supposed to get warm again after today. Our cows were so happy when we let them stay indoors last night and this morning after milking most of them layed down, a clear hint: We are so not going out today. Lol. I've never understood men that insist on letting the cows out in a cold weather just because it's summer. And when the cows get sick those men get angry ... at the cows. What a loosers.

Today is a perfect day for sewing and reading, my favorite things.



  1. Wow interesting story about how Iceland was named. Although my favorite season is winter, I'm not sure I'd like seeing snow this early. Hope you had a fun day sewing and reading.

  2. What a beautiful country and a fun story about the naming of Iceland. blessings, marlene