Thursday, July 2, 2009

One more swap.

I've joined another swap group on yahoo. It's new and started with a launch swap that twenty women signed up for. We were split in to two groups of10 and are to make one 12" block for each swapper in our group. We choose the pattern and the fabric.

I put my blocks in the mail today. I wanted to make a difficult pattern that I've longed to do for some time and five blocks were like that. Called All Hallows Variation from

Then life got overly busy, first I had to finish a graduation quilt with another one popping up at the last minute, a sudden wedding with 12 quilted table mats (partly paper pieced, yuck) for a present and my DD1 got mono last winter and with it her tonsils went berserk so they were removed 10 days ago. (At a hospital in the city)

Here she is before the operation with her new dark hair. I know she's not happy with me saying this but I want my blondie back. And I know the t-shirt is just awful, DS2 thought it was such a great joke and bought it, then grew so fast that it got to be to small for him. My girls use it when working on the farm (Their aunt really hates seeing them in it so they make sure to wear it all the time) Lol.

She was by the book in getting most of the problems that follow a tonsil removal. Could not keep food or pain killers down and on the fifth day (after she got home) she started bleeding and had to go to the hospital (in next town) for 48 hours where she got much needed nourishment and meds. (Liquid in a vein)

Although she's almost 20 years old and very mature we found it so hard knowing how bad she was feeling and we were not with her. She's getting better now but has lost 4-5 kilos and is so pale and her voice is so different and thready that people are always thinking she's about to cry. And that really makes her grumpy. Lol.

Anyway, back to quilty matter, I thought I was falling on time so I made five more blocks using another much easier pattern. This one is named Album, also from although I changed the dark/light setting a bit. I hope the blocks will arrive in USA before July 15.

I got a letter from Germany in June that had bin 28 days on the way and another from Canada that took two months to get here. Oh, and then one that took three months to travel from Canary (Spain) duh. Well okay, that one had taken a sight seeing tour to Finland but still....


In an after thought I think it's best to mention that I got lots of mail from Canary (my mom) that took only just over a week to get here, also three other letters from Canada and one from the Netherlands that arrived after a normal length of time. Also got a packet from USA days before some Canadian ladies got theirs that were mailed out at the same time. So there. Can you tell I'm a Libra. Lol.


  1. I like both blocks, however the first one is my favorite. I love the colors and the pattern. Great job. Hope your daughter is okay soon.

  2. Love your blocks. Hope by now your daughter is feeling better and will be able to enjoy good health with her tonsils out. One of my sons had his out as a young adult and it is so much harder than when it's done as a child.

  3. Those All Hallows Variation blocks are just beautiful. The Album block is lovely also. I hope your daughter will do well now and have a speedy recovery.

  4. Love those blocks Sunna - all too often my 12 1/2" blocks don't end up being 12 1/2" when they've got lots of little pieces like that! Wishing your daughter a quick recovery... blessings, marlene