Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday, a day late, again.

Yesterday there were 22 years since that little boy was born, on August 16. instead of October 12. as he was supposed to. Always in a hurry. He was 4.4 pounds and 17.5 inches.

But he grew fast and by the time he was supposed to be born he was at healthy 9 pounds. He was and is a very cheerful and sweet character and quick to see the lighter points in life.

As much as I disliked having to use the bathroom in this stage of repairs (demolition) he just loved taking baths like this.

With granny Hanna. (My mom)

Here he is, proudly pointing at a message he wrote down after answering the phone for his dad. And yes, he's dirty, this was his usual appearance in the summers at that time.

In all the photos taken after this time until last year his glasses were at an angle so there is an ugly glare in his face. He was always bending, breaking or scratching his glasses, from the first one he got at three years old until about four years ago, when we refused to pay for any more.

Here he is fooling around with his brother earlier this summer.

He graduated from collage with good grades two years ago and then decided to get him self a truck driving license. He got a job with a truck company right away until he'd thought carefully and then decided what he wanted to learn at the university..... he's still thinking about it.

He's content at work and as long as he is, there is no rush. (I do ask though from time to time)
Happy birthday Johann Olafur.

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  1. Such a nice looking young man. You have a very attractive family, Sunna