Monday, August 17, 2009

Fractured Star and swap blocks.

Since I finally got to blogger, we've been having connection trouble and blogger is one of the sites I can't connect to unless everything is okay, I'm not letting go. Lol. I've been doing some sewing now and then, and have made all the units for the Fractured Star.

It's a mystery I wrote about in an earlier post. I'm putting the blocks together as leaders-enders while making blocks for a swaps I'm in. I've never been quite happy with sewing from corner to corner without marking the line, but I'm also lazy so I've been "winging" it and not always satisfied with the result. So I finally started to think about a solution instead of being grumpy while "winging " it. This is what I came up with, instead of cutting the triangles off after I've sewed the line, I cut before and then sew both pieces. No more ripping out the seams, but I of course forgot to take a photo after the sewing.

This bloc and the next were for (I've already sent them) a quarterly block swap I'm in. We are nine women that sew a pair of 6" blocks and send out four times over a period of a year. These were mine for the first swap, now I have to chose which pattern I'll do for the next. We try not to do the same pattern twice, although there are a few of the same, but the fabric will be different so I don't think it will matter so much. This one is called Interlocked Square and was pure fun to do.

Here is a star pattern called Mosaic. I don't like the colors as well in this block as in the other although those are what I considered safe colors. Now I'm starting to sew scrappy 8" blocks for a one time swap with sixteen other women, due in the mail before September 1. I've got them cut up and they are not very difficult to sew so I'll meet the deadline easily.

I'm also in the process of cutting and sewing shashing for swap blocks I received recently. I'll post about them when they've made it in to a top. And I'm happy to say I've gotten a craving to do some quilting (machine) I've apparently stopped dreading it, and that feels so good.



  1. Love those blocks. I especially like the first one. Great job!! Sorry to hear about your problems with connections on the net. Hope it all gets worked out for you.

  2. Lovely blocks. I especially like the fractured star block.

  3. Don't know why I missed this post before. I love your start on the Fractured Star!