Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy new year.

I want to wish all my blogging friends a happy new year. I've been trying to comment on blogs for a few days and have finally realized that there must be something wrong with my setup or whatever because I don't get a word for the word verification. You must think I'm a bit slow, not figuring this out sooner but I've had a dreadful cold since December 26th and it simply wont get better. I've woken up for the last two days feeling much better, so happy and hopeful.... for about ten minutes. Yikes and double yikes.

Today has not been all bad though, I'm finally getting my energy up to a normal level since it totally crashed on our second day of Christmas. In Iceland Christmas starts at six pm. on December 24th, many go to church then but we have the milking and feeding to do so we never go. Then it's dinner, at our house it's pork with all the trimmings and after that, around ten in the evening, it's present's time. I got some lovely presents but can't show them jet as I still have not been able to fix the problem with the icons on my blog. It's not that I'm writing in Edit Html, wish it was that easy. Sigh. I've been waiting for THE COUGH to get some better before I get on the phone with a friends hubby who is a computer wizard, she (my friend) said the other day that I can use him (the hubby) as I please. Now that is a true friend or what. Lol.

To explain the capital letters above: how come when having a cold I can never get on the phone unless after a few moments I get these awful coughing spells? sometimes it does not stop until I throw up Another sigh.... a big one. Am I feeling sorry for myself or what???? Well somebody has to. Lol.

So, back to Christmas, December 25th is Christmas day and our first day of Christmas. It's a red day and also the day the Jule lad (the Jule lads were a nasty bunch of hooligans who, now a days, have seen the errors of they're ways and matured into the same character as Santa Claus) who came to town last (on Dec. 24th) goes home. December 26th is our Second in Christmas and is a red day too and on this day the Jule lad who came to town on Dec 23rd goes home. And so it goes until all thirteen Jule lads are gone to their home in the mountains where they live with their parents, Gryla is their mother, big, mean and ugly who eats the naughty children and the ones who don't get new clothes for Christmas (what a dreadful folk lore) Leppaludi is the Jule lads father, a tiny bit of a looser who is completely oppressed by Gryla and is never allowed to leave home.

The last Jule lad to go is the one who came first and he goes home on Jan 6th but that day is always called The Thirteenth. As it's the thirteenth and last day of Christmas. It's the day most people take down the Christmas ornaments and the Christmas tree and in the evening there is a bonfire (in turns in our town or the next, it's in next town this year) because we are burning out the Christmas (also by burning down the left overs of the candles used during Christmas) and it's also a magical night when cows can talk and the hidden people are traveling to new homes through our world. So there are hidden people singing and dancing at the bonfires and in later years also Gryla and Leppaludi with their thirteen boys and also all kinds of other creatures. It ends with a beautiful fire work show. I wont go this year, I usually don't go, it's just to darn cold to be staying out doors for so long.

I wonder at the direction this post took. It was just supposed to be a quick happy new year post. Well, I guess I was in the mood for a long talkative one. It's long after midnight here so I better go and make hubby sooo glad and happy as he tries to sleep through my cough spells. We have been taking turns in leaving the bed, he to sleep on the living room sofa or me to sit in the kitchen waiting for the coughs to finish, hot lemon water helps a little. I sure wish I had not developed this acute allergy to codeine during a hospital stay two years ago, it was the best thing to temper my coughs. Hm... that reminds me I used to own an inhaler (for asthma) to use if I got a cold or if I had to go out in cold weathers. I threw it away after I stopped smoking twelve years ago because the trouble with cold weather lessened. And I so seldom get these types of cold anymore. I'm having an aha moment here, lol, I'll phone the doctor on Monday if I'm no better by then.

I hope you all have a good productive and at the same time rest- and peaceful year. I sure hope I will.



  1. Happy New year, hope it's the best one yet. Sounds like you are having the trouble many of us had a number of months ago about blogger. If you go here you might find out what your problem is. You can also ask a question and they'll answer you (usually). HTH


  2. Happy New Year!
    I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I hope you are feeling better by now.
    We had a quiet and relaxing family Christmas. Tomorrow I'll be back at work.

  3. I loved hearing about your Christmas tradition - and I'm so sorry you're feeling bad. I hope your cold is gone soon. blessings, marlene