Sunday, January 10, 2010

No quilting.

I got my blog fixed, it was so easy it was almost funny, mostly embarrassing though and although I watched it fixed I would not be able to repeat the actions taken. I better not make those glories again.

There is not much happening here that has to do with quilting but I've been sewing a lot, repairing an Icelandic costume for a friend. Also made her a shirt (only have to finish around the neck) and an apron. I've been sewing the gold peaces on the corset today and my fingers plain hurt, the velvet backing for the peaces was in such a bad shape I fitted a bit of card board inside it (between the old paper sheets) and getting the needle through it takes a push plus it's a real challenge hitting the right spots when pushing the needle up through the fastening holes. I'm pleased with how it's turning out, there were dents in the black velvet where the gold peaces had been before but I managed to raise the velvet with steam from my iron. The corset was much to long when it was first made, then my friend had someone to quick fix it which was done by shortening the front of the corset and then removing two of the gold peaces but that really did not make anything better.

I'm going to finish the corset before I go to sleep, then it's the skirt tomorrow and hopefully I'll finish the shirt on Tuesday. After that I'm going to start practicing my quilting, I really, really would like to get some control over my free motion quilting.



  1. So glad to hear you got your blog fixed. It's so frustrating when it's something simple isn't it. Look forward to seeing more of you now. Hugs

  2. I had real frustrations with my blog too, Sunna. It is definitely frustrating. Glad to see you posting.