Friday, April 4, 2014

A Litlle Ipad Bag

I needed a birthday present for DD2's fiancé and she told me he had been unhappy with the Ipad cover he owned and had thrown it away. So I decided to make him a little bag for it.

I never let pass by an opportunity to use up leftover batting.
First I laid out the lining (which can't be seen) and then strips of batting over the lining. 

Then another row of batting. To make the bag thicker and more secure for the Ipad.

Then I was going to take step by step photos, but forgot myself and just rushed on. I'm going to show you the backside first, I'm not sure you can read the words, but it says:
A sailor's answered prayer in sight.
The shining fortress. A guiding light.
And the fabric is signed by D. Morgan

The front has words too:
 On silver ship or - barnacle boat
A fisherman's life for me

And that's what the new owner is, a good fisherman.



  1. What a great gift! I love how the quilting looks like waves.