Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gratuation Cards

Today is a big day in Hubby's family as one niece and one nephew (cousins) graduate from college/high school. I'm never sure which applies here in Iceland as our kids attend for ten years what we call foundation school and then at 16 they go on to other schools (if they choose to go that route) and then graduate from those schools between 19 - 22. (20 is most common) In those years they can learn and get the foundation in whatever they want to study at Universities or they can learn to be Nurse Aid, Carpenter, Painter, Electrician, Chef, Fisherman, Farmer and so on.

Anyway, I had no cards for this day and needed to make them. When the kids (who are now 29, 27, 25 and 22) were little and invited to LOTS of birthday parties I made loads of cards every few years, then the day came for each of them when they (and their friends) got to old for this birthday thing. Duh Mom!!! you get my meaning and that's when I ended up with a box full of cards, which only recently got emptied. Besides, those cards were not good enough for a stand alone cards for graduation (we are giving just the cards with money inside).

So last night I sat down and made two cards, our Flag pole is down (the foundation needs repair) so I decided to raise the Flag for the young graduates on the cards and they each needed a little bouquet.

I can safely say that my skills at card making have not improved. But those will do the job. Now I'm off to the celebration.


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  1. I think your cards are really fun!! Good on you for making them! They're much nicer than shop cards. Congratulations to the niece and nephew for graduating, I hope you enjoyed the celebration.