Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Excuses, excuses.

Although they might be called reasonable reasons for not posting for so long.

Avalanches and yes that's me, I'm actually standing on the top of an older avalanche. This is on March 18. 

Hubby, up on the avalanche, happy in the sun although knowing what awaits come spring.

Here you can see where the snow broke away high up in the mountain.

This is what happens to our fences , they disappear. We have still not found lots of the poles, guess they went with the avalanche all the way to the river and out to sea.  

Then surprisingly there were poles standing here and there.

The wire was all accounted for, in curls all over the fields.

Made us worry about this kind of traffic though.

This is in another field where another avalanche went over clear (no snow) mire after and before tearing away fences, bringing loads of rocks and dirt on our field.

Look where the fence suddenly ends.

But we prepared by ordering a load of poles.

This is how it looked in May 28.

The leftover of the avalanche was so hard it held the tractor.

But it was melting away rapidly. My macho Hubby in a T-shirt.

Me, not so macho in two trousers and two sweaters, standing in the same spot as in the March photo.

The two standing poles.

And some rocks.

And were we ever thankful these rocks stopped just outside the field.

Pretty big rocks.

This is the field that got the mire dirt.

Another point of view.

And lastly, new fence on June 20.

Some broken poles, some reusable and the rest of the new ones, they are all gone now and we have started reusing old ones.

There are still lots of fence left to rebuild, but the fields are closed and that was most important. The little summer pastures can wait, even till next year.

I have more excuses/reasons, but they are for another post.



  1. Good Lord...are you brave or what!! I think that you must be special to name your blog "sunnyquilts" lol

  2. Wow!! An Avalanche, that's a pretty good excuse. I'm glad you're okay.