Monday, July 21, 2014

More reasons (excuses)

My other reason for not blogging much involves this pretty little church. (In our town)

And our lovely daughter and her fiancée, this photo was taken few years ago when her sister graduated from collage.

So... here's what happened on June 28.

Here you can see our wonderful priest who made the ceremony so fun and beautiful. DD had always wanted our old priest (and also wonderful) to perform the ceremony. But as she (our old priest) has gone and become the bishop over Iceland DD decided to give our new priest a chance and I really liked our new priest before the ceremony, but I and the whole family love her now.

This is the same car as was used when I and Hubby got married 23 years ago. It belongs to my FIL.

This is taken near the lighthouse on our farm.

I can't find a summer photo of our town community house. 

But this is where the celebration was held, it was fun and the dancing went on until early morning. But we old couple got home a bit earlier 4.30 to be precise.

We wish them long and content marriage. My firm belief is that a content person is a happy person.


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  1. You sure do have great excuses! A big congratulations to your daughter and her husband on their marriage. Your daughter is a beautiful bride and the views for the photos are breath taking. You party animals being out till 4.30 in the morning!! The time flies by when you are dancing and having fun.