Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday girl.

And today is the day, 17 years old and a long awaited driver's license in just a few days for Ebba.

We got married on June 15 1991 but didn't have time then for photo session. Then one day in November I woke up and realized that I would not fit in the dress much longer. She used to tell people that she is in the photo too.... in mommy's tummy.

She had so dark skin in her first year.

And proudly shows the gaps .

On horseback with daddy.

With twin calf's that her cow Bukolla gave birth to.

She just loved to ride the vacuum cleaner.
In a national costume I made (with help) for her older sister.

Now her teeth have started over growing so no more open smiles.
She's in orthodontics now and has started to smile with open mouth again. Beautiful.

And lastly, here she is, not wanting to stop to pose, unlike her sister.

Proud brother's also in in new outfit (but not a costume) It's me on the side.


  1. Happy Birthday Ebba! What great pictures.

  2. Happy Birthday Ebba. Hope you had a wonderful day. Great pictures.

  3. On to ne adventures! Happy Birthday Ebba.

  4. Lovely, happy birthday Ebba. I love your beautiful name, and your gorgeous smile.

  5. Terrific pictures! Happy Birthday to Ebba. She's a lovely young lady.