Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank you's and Boxy Star swap.

First of all I want to say thank you to all the lovely ladies that commented and wished Ebba happy birthday. She tried to comment to thank you her self but does not have a Google account or something, so on her behalf I also say: Thank you.

I of course forgot to take a photo of her on her birthday, but here she is last Christmas, waiting for her dad and brother to watch a movie. I listened to it from the sewing room, next to the living room, I don't watch TV much anymore, I like sewing or reading better.

In a recent swap on the Quiltville Swap we swapped units for Boxy Star (you can find it here). Here are the sets I sent. Seven sets of four units, one block is made of four units.

Here Is one block I made when making all the units.

Karen, our lovely swap mistress sent a surprise with the units I got.

And here is one of the sets I got in return. I liked them all.

Due to a misunderstanding on my part, I made much to many units, so I had enough to make this quilt. I put one swap unit with three of mine to make most of the blocks. What I like most about swapping is the variety in the sets I get in return. And I think they all play nicely with mine. It was so much fun sewing these blocks, and whats more, I even had fun putting them all together in a quilt. Lol. I have never made a quilt with sashings and cornerstones before. It's super easy and I'm sure I'll use this method again someday.

There was so much wind when I was taking this photo that one corner got badly frayed. I think I'll have to cut 1/4" of all around the top to make it better. I'm going to use thin fleece batting and flannel backing. It's going to be a present so it will be revealed later where it goes.



  1. I love that block and love, love your quilt. It's so colorful and stunning. Great job.

  2. Love the quilt and have to say you have a very pretty daughter.

  3. This is really pretty. I like the cornerstones on quilts when the blocks need to be set apart.


  4. I love that quilt! I am going to have make some of those blocks (like I need another project!!)! I am a great fan of scrappy and that is just beautiful!

  5. Hello Sunna, sorry it's taken me so long to get over here and join your followers *VBS* I want to wish your sweet daughter a belated happy birthday. My those years do fly by so quickly! The boxy stars top is very lovely. And what a good idea to put one swap with 3 of yours...great job. Hugs,Finn