Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clean house and some baking.

I've bin busy both yesterday and today cleaning out winter dirt and baking. Why? Well the house really, really needed a good cleaning and all of a sudden DD2 who will be 17 tomorrow wants a cake party instead of soup or steak. For years it's always bin: "Oh, just something simple" but now there must be this cake... because dad likes it so much and that cake... because dad likes it so much and this..... you get the picture, only one cake she mentioned was for her, because she likes it. After two days of cake listings and what dad likes I finally asked her: "What is it with your dad and the cakes?"

"Well you see it's actually dad that wants the cakes.....obs"

You know something, every December (well almost) I offer to bake all the cakes he wants, but no "It's not that important event" (it is to me) or " Nothing fancy, you're tired" (true, sometimes) or better jet "Don't bother, no one will come anyway" Yeah right, his whole family lives in this town and always shows up for birthdays, invitation or not. LOL. So come December there will surely be another cake party and....... that man will not be asked again.

Here is my Ebba on her fourth birthday

From left to right: DS1 Johann, DD2 Ebba, DD1 Steina, their cousin Ragnar and Ebba's girlfriend Kristin.

Oh, and spring visited today, lets see what tomorrow brings.


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  1. Those look so good. I've never thought of having a cake party...that could be done for a number of different celebrations. Happy Birthday to your dd for tomorrow.