Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring....... are you nuts?

Those are glass mats I made when I was having the cold last week. They are paper pieced and measure 3" and I've bin meaning to make them for some time now. I drink so much water with ice that I put cotton batting in them and they are great in absorbing the dew from the glasses. Five is an odd number I know but I ran out of energy. Now on to spring.....

We had almost a week of warm sunny weather mid way through March, when it got cold again, then we got one heavy storm last Wednesday evening and yesterday afternoon a blizzard started that is still going strong and the weather man says it will be snowing tomorrow with 15-20 m/s wind.

Not nice, oh no. So I go a bit bewildered when I was reading a local news site today and saw an advertisement from a sports store saying: The spring is here, get your bike (buy it from them) and start bicycling. Hm..... the spring is here..... where? Hallo, yoo hoo spring where are you?

I would so love to have spring arriving early and I try to be optimistic but this is so bizarre it's not even funny. And I will absolutely not be buying a bike from that store. Yikes.



  1. I love those glass mats. Just too cute. Spring isn't here either, don't feel bad. There is still snow and very little melting.

  2. No spring in our area either. I hope it will come after Easter.
    Nice glass mats.

  3. Those glass mats are project. All my azaleas and dogwoods came into bloom last week then last night we had terrible storms (rain not snow) and this morning all the blooms have blown away! Guess we will have to do a re-do on spring here....hope yours comes soon too.

  4. What wonderful glass mats - perfect for sitting glasses on and I never thought to make any. Spring is coming and going and coming and going here. I hope it's here to stay soon. blessings, marlene

  5. Very cute and creative.

    Cindy in Seattle