Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday boy.

Jon Ingi

On this day 24 years ago my oldest was born 12 minuets after midnight. And was I ever relieved. They had bin looking at the crown of his head for six hours when the doctor said that's enough and pushed on my stomach, and so he was born. A beautiful blond haired, blue eyed boy.

A proud police man.

Two years old with little brother Johann Olafur

Four years old with little sister Steinunn Dilja
She can be anything he wants
even Karate Kid.

Seven years old with little sister Gudbjorg Ebba,
I guess he felt her hands were cold.

I don't have a new photo of him but you can see him with his siblings here. I will take a photo tomorrow when he comes for dinner. He can't come this evening because the firemen have a practice/exercise this evening and he is one of them.

He works as a electrician and is single living in a little house on the farm where we live. The house is old, the oldest part built around 1910-1920. A true fixer upper, so he's always busy.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Jon. What a handsome young man. Mom has a right to be proud.