Saturday, March 14, 2009

Old Kitchen Aid.

This is an 52 years old Kitchen Aid that I got 22 years ago from my great aunt Gagga. I let my DD1 have it when she came home for Christmas and then did what I've bin going to do for so long. I finally made a cover for it. Not that I've used it much since I got a new KA 17 years ago.

DD1 chose the fabric. (One of few I had enough of for this one fabric project) It's designed by an Icelandic woman, Gudrun Erla but I don't remember if it's RJR or what. (I think so) And I sort of made it on the go, no pattern and hardly any measuring. Which is not so good, you just can't see it in the photo. Or maybe you can. Lol.

Now, you may have noticed the top photo is small and a bit to the side. Thats because I got a bad case of "I can do it my self" when I had no idea what I was doing. Ended up shrinking the photo in to it self without being able to fix it instead of making a small version to send in mail or use in the blog................ and it will stay this way.

I've so had it with computer geeks that come to my aid when I have made a royal mess out of something I'm trying to do. It goes like this:

What did you do?

Nothing, just hit those buttons you told me last time.

What buttons?

Those. I point.

What were you working on?

I explain.

You should not have used those buttons. Pokes around a bit.... what... what have you done? You are not supposed to be able to do that.

Oh, believe me, I can do anything I don't intend to.

Now I'm off to bed to try to sleep off this awful cold I'm having and have had since Wednesday. I was very generous and shared it with Hubby so he has no sympathy for my at a time like this evening when my head hurts, my body is in pain all over and I'm feeling totally sorry for my self.

Well somebody has too.




  1. I like that cover. Hmmm has me thinking I might try making one for my KA. Great job!!

  2. I just LOVE that vintage Kitchen Aid mixer! I have one that I got for my birthday in the 1980's. I love it, but a vintage one would be so cool. And by the way, I think your cover looks great!