Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crocheted afghans and one little quilt.

I saw so beautiful crocheted afghan on Marys blog yesterday, that her grandmother made.

That got me thinking about some of the ones that live in this household. The first one is Hubbys, that his Granny Ebba made for him to fit his bunk when he was little. It just came home a few weeks ago after staying with his mother since.... well for ever. Lol.

The next one I don't know who the makers were. It was my grandfather's and has his name on it and the date 8 May 1920. He was born in August 31 1888 so it's thought that this afghan was made (by some women that did this for some extra money) and given to him when he left his home to go farming in another county. He died in January 16 1939 and my father was born in March 24 1939 .

It's made of coarse wool that was dyed red, black, violet and light blue, but only the red and black have kept true. The crocheting is all done from the right side, so they cut the yarn after every row and started again from right to left. Then the ends were threaded in the end links to secure them and at last the borders were made going around the eight leaf roses (and there by hiding the ends). It's got lots of holes in it so for keeping I roll it up on a curtain hanger and then put a bed sheet over it.

I was thinking when I was photographing it that it would be fun to make a quilt like it, but I would most certainly make it controlled scrappy. Each rose measures 3 1/2".

The white afghan was made by my great aunt Gagga who was my grandfather's sister and had a hand in my father upbringing and when he was 12 years old he moved permanently to her. It was always on her bed with a blue satin bed cover under it that shone through the holes. Also a great idea for a quilt.

I made that one when I was pregnant with my oldest. I was so fed up with all the bright, light blue and pink people were telling me to use that I made some color choices that I feel today are not so pretty. But I was happy with it then and quite proud of my self, did not use any pattern and most importantly....... I finished it. Although I should have made one more row to make it wider.

There is one more crocheted afghan that my Granny Bubba made me when I was a teenager but I can't find it at the moment. I believe I know where it is, but I have a bad cold and its cold in that storage room so it will have to wait to some warmer time.

But I did find this little quilt while searching for the afghans. It was made in 1984-5 for my oldest by his aunt. (My SIL). The blocks, except three of them, are high quality white cotton we call damask here in Iceland. This was a project she did in school in Denmark where she was getting extra education as a teacher. As you can see (you can click on the photo to make it larger) she did stuffed work in two blocks, using the pattern in the fabric. And the three blocks are the same fabric (white with blue "dots") as the blue (blue with the same kind of "dots") in the back that is folded over to the front, the corners are mitered and it's quilted down.

Well bugger it, I just took a good look at the photo, I should have ironed it before photographing.
Hopefully I will remember to do that i the future. Lol.



  1. Great pictures and what treasures you have. I like them all, however the second one is really neat.

  2. What treasures indeed! I hope my children and grandchildren will treasure the items I've crocheted and quilted and given to them as much as I do the ones I received from my grandmother. I think they do. The red and black afghan is amazing. I would have guessed it to be knitted rather than crocheted. A lot of work with the color changes needed. And the white thread afghan is superb! They all are. I may have to post some more afghan pictures in the future. It's fun to be reminded of other fabric crafts now and then. Thanks for sharing.

  3. sunna,

    I am with Mary...I just hope my kids, and kids kids, etc. will not only cherish my 'treasures' but also remember me half as much as you do your relatives. Thank you for showing and telling.


  4. There is something for you at my blog. Hugs..