Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My mom.

My mom was born on October 14. 1939 so she turned seventy this year. I'm guessing she's three years old in this photo.

Here is a confirmation photo of her. She's thirteen and a half.

Twenty years old in her Icelandic costume.

She's oldest of four siblings. Younger were three brothers, this is the middle brother, Josep. He had Downs syndrome and was born the year my mother turned fourteen. He died when he was thirteen years old. I have only one vague memory of him.
On the left mom is with the oldest brother who is two and a half years younger than her and on the right she's holding the youngest brother who turned fifty last summer. I always look more at him as my brother than hers. He lived with us for a year when I was eight due to some illness my granny had.

This photo was taken, I think, in 1994 when she went to Florida to be at her nephews wedding.

This is probably taken in 2004. A hard fight with TB's in her kidney (left over since she was a baby) and then after no luck in healing, the removal of the same kidney has taken it's toll.

And this was taken last summer at my uncle's birthday party. He wanted to make something big out of turning fifty so he put a little announcement in a news paper and rented a place to accomodate the guests. It was a great fun. Palmi 67, Oskar 50 and mom, Hanna, still only 69. Lol.

My birthday present from hubby and kids were flight tickets and time off to go to my mom for her birthday. She did not want to make any fuzz about the day but I'm glad she changed her mind. We held a small party at her home but grrr... no one remembered to take photos.

Now I'm going to peak at some blogs before I go to bed.


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  1. Sunny, your mom is still a beautiful woman. How wonderful that you could spend her birthday with her.