Monday, March 24, 2014

A finish

Due to power losses and other incidents I only had one small quilt bound yesterday with a pink/brown/grey flowery fabric that was leftover from a back some time ago. The binding looks better in person.

The quilting, a fun pattern that I'm quite happy with.

And borders are on the Starburst I don't know the name of the colour, but it's a blend of brown and purple or something. A similar colour is in the background fabric so I thought it fine when I chose it after sunset on Saturday. I'm not as happy with it in daylight, but this is actually the best that I have in my stash so it is what it is.

More quilts waiting for binding, most will go to charity. And are actually due, but I talked with a lovely lady earlier and she said I am still in the clear.

Labels, I'm not using one of these though, my mother has given me a few pieces like these. She doesn't like how I left labelling out of my finishes so now I'm a good daughter and obey.

Today my father would have been 75 years old. I will try to put a out door candle on his grave later if the weather allows. This has been a very difficult month, or really MONTHS. Mostly North Easterner since mid November so we have much snow. Today it's raining and thawing and should be like that for at least few days, but you'll never know. 


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  1. You are making great progress with your quilts!! I really like your quilting, it looks like lots of leaves. The stars look wonderful!! And the border fabric suit them , it's always a great feeling to use fabric from your stash. You're good at follwing your mothers advice of putting labels on your quilts, I always forget.