Saturday, March 22, 2014

Retreat weekend

I'm having a retreat at home with some friends and we post photos and chat about our progress on the net. I started a quilt two years ago in a class held by Gudrun Erla at GE Design. It's from her book: BIG STYLE. 

Here's the pattern I'm making: Starburst.

I decided to challenge myself and use an unusual (to me) background. Found out last night when preparing for today that I'd cut the diamonds to small two years ago. As I was determined to use this background I have spent much of today mending my mistake and this quilt will be PIECED together BIG TIME.

I might even show you a photo of the back later when the top is done.

Have a nice weekend.


Here are three top rows finished and sewed together as are the bottom three rows. I needed them done so I could figure out how the half stars should be, I tried to figure them out last night but got totally cross eyed and gave up.


Here it is all happening.

Top done, I've picked out the fabric for the borders, but that will be for tomorrow. I'm going to prepare some bindings for five or so quilts that need to be bound and labelled.

And the backs, admittedly those photos show the worst fixings.

Yes, I open up the seams, it's so much easier to quilt the tops when I do and I find my sewing more accurate with open seams. And I think it's prettier. Log Cabins are about he only blocks where I don't open the seams


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  1. What a great quilt!! The stars are so showy and the background you've chosen works really well!! It's interesting to see you've opened your seams. I do sometimes, it depends on the pattern.