Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Dream Village

I'm quilting this quilt (Lopapeysa by Gudrun Erla at GE Design) for a friend and have had some problems and I got really irritated after ripping stitches out again and again before I figured out the problem. It is easily solvable, but I decided to let it rest for a while and since it was the International quilting day I allowed myself to have some much needed fun and happy time. 

Making my very own Dream Village in this wonderful little top which I've yet to decide if will become a wall hanging or a centre for a bigger quilt. It totally saved the day and put me in a very cheerful mood. How could it not?

Such a fun to make from a great tutorial on this blog. I'm having fun reading through this blog these days and looking at all the wonderful and happy quilts. And the fabrics, I have yet to see them in quilt shops here in Iceland, but I would buy them in a blink and thereby ruin my fabric fast. They would liven up my stash tremendously, I tend to buy from sales, especially unfortunate (some say ugly) fabrics no one else wants, I truly feel sorry for those fabrics. Lol. And they can be made into beautiful and interesting quilts if they are used with colourful pieces.

One more "mouthy" post, I can't help myself.



  1. I am loving your posts lately, been going to comment on each one but time seems more limited than ever lately. That little house quilt looks like great fun. I would love to blog more but work has been very hectic lately so I have been doing no blogging and very little sewing but hopefully that will change soon. Loved seeing your post about your machines; I think that is a great idea and maybe I will do something similar soon.

  2. I LOVE your Dream Villiage. The faces in the windows are so cute and the star really shines!! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments about my blog, I am so happy you are enjoying reading it!

  3. So nice to have you back in blogland! You know I always visit your blog when you post.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love your Dream Villiage. Just found your blog through Rachaeldaisy. Going to visit again!