Sunday, May 3, 2009


I've bin challenged by First-time Grandma to show the door to my home. I thought I could do better than that because I'd just found an old photo of the farm we live on. It's taken on March 4 1988 from the other side of the river. It looks pretty much the same today, apart from the two shacks on the right. They were old hen houses not in use anymore and were torn down the following summer. That winter, 1987/88, was unusually snow light.

This is the door we use for guests and us, when we are not in working clothes. This door is under the stairs that lead up to the old better entrance, it's not very big but as you step down when you enter it's usually okay. (People don't hurt their head very much. Lol.) In summer there are flowers in the old milking bucket and can.

When we took over the farm in June 1987 this was the finer entrance and the one we use now was the lesser. There was a trapdoor in the kitchen floor (on the second floor) and a dangerous stair to the first floor. My hubby's Grandparents always went out to go downstairs unless the weather was absolutely crazy, then they moved the kitchen table and a kitchen bench to get to the trapdoor.

They gave us a new and safer stairway. It made the kitchen smaller so we took down the wall to the front room. (Where you came in through this door) We use this door as a summer door and because it's so old, the wind blows right in around it, so we got the white door that we close in the autumn. (We would have to have a new door specially made because it's so small and that is just to expensive).

I would love to have you over for a visit.



  1. Beautiful place. It's always so neat to read your blog and see what your place is like. I love it.

  2. I love farmhouses! What a beautiful home you have. blessings, marlene

  3. I love your farm, it looks so pretty.

  4. Sunna, I love the pictures you post. It looks like you have a wonderful farm.