Monday, May 25, 2009

Deliberate absence.

Because I'm so slow in writing my blog and commenting I decided to stay away from blog land while finishing two graduation quilts. Well they are done and have found a new home.

But first.. here is the first quilt I completed (at least as I remember it) I hand sewed these big Grandmother Flower Garden blocks and hand quilted it too. It was a (few years late) birthday present to my uncle when he turned 40. and now I'm going to his 50 birthday party next month. He likes the quilt very much and sleeps under it every night.

Here is a quilt I started in April. It's a variation of Bonnie's Patches and Pinwheels. This quilt went in the mail last Friday to a friend of my DD1. There was a mix up in the information I got from her so I'm afraid the quilt was a few day late, but has hopefully arrived now.

And here is the Boxy Star from a previous post ( again Bonnie's) quilted, but it's so big I could not get a good photo of it inside and it was raining on Saturday when I finished hand sewing the binding down mere 30 min. before we went to the graduation celebration for DD2 boyfriend.

It was fun making those quilts but I was totally exhausted when they were finally out of the house. I take my hat of for those women that whip up a quilt in a day or so. And then sew down a binding in the evening watching TV. Phew, that is so not me, just the binding takes days.

And now my darlings..... I'm going blog hopping.



  1. Ooooh I like those quilts. They are going to love getting them. Great job!!

  2. Love the quilts. I may have to try a couple of them in fact! Lucky recipients! You've been missed..glad you are back!

  3. They all are just beautiful Sunna! You should be very proud along with being happy you are finished. I love that you made the garden for your Uncle, that precious. And how wonderful that he loves it and sleeps under it *VBS* Your pinwheels and boxy stars turned out very well. Hopefully you will have more leisure with your next quilt. Hugs, Finn

  4. Wow, the quilts are beautiful! At least you had a good excuse for being absent from blogging. I was just absent for no very good reason. Well, there's one reason, but I can't show it until after a DGD birthday, so it will be a while yet.