Sunday, May 10, 2009

Retreat. Nupur 2009

On Friday I went to my guild retreat. It's how we end each winter.We go to this place, Nupur. It was a boarding school, mainly for children from farms around but also for older kids all over the country. There's bin no school there since early 90 something. Instead it's used as hotel in the summer. The people that look after the buildings live there and the wife serves us when we stay there during the retreat. (They don't run the hotel, and it's not open jet). I took this photo upon arrival on Friday at 12.30. It takes me 45-60 min. to drive there.

This is the dining room where we sew and dine.

This is how it looks during the sewing.

And then we clear three rows of tables for the formal dinner on Friday night. (Delicious as always) For coffee, breakfast, and soup lunch on Saturday we just sit around one of the ping pong table. They make great work stations.

We made three tops for comfort quilts for what we call heroes at home. We had sent quilts to Reykjavik (the city) to be given to children in the children hospital there. But then came the idea to give rather to individuals in our own area that we feel are needing comfort. These tops were for three girls.

This bear quilt is not like our usual quilts because one our member is related to the youngest girl and wanted to make a center for the top.

We have a bank (paper box) that we can deposit 7 1/2" log cabin block to when ever we want. Then when someone brings up a need for a quilt there is a top ready in no time. Although we sometimes call for some extra girlie or manly or... blocks, depends on the receiver. This quilt and the next are for twins.

When I took the first photo of this top I saw a block turning the wrong way so I fixed it but now when I loaded it on the blog I see another. The fourth up left. Go figure. Lol.

Then there was the informal show and tell. We just drape our finished projects from the winter around, on a platform in the corner or out in the hall and then we have to run to get a photo when someone has got the maker to hold it up for a shoot. Lol. We have talked about doing a real show and tell but some of the women are so shy it would never work. They would then stop bringing their work. I only got a photo of few of the projects.

That quilt is mostly hand appliqued by the woman on the right. Her name is Gudrun and she hand quilted it too. It's stunning.

This half made top was being held up shortly before we quit and I don't know if its a table topper wall hanging or a quilt top. The maker is holding it. Her name is Soley. It's really beautiful.

And then I got a photo of this great quilt when we were leaving. Johanna, the maker, once had a bit of a scrap that could only be made to an 1 1/2" x 2 1/4" rectangle. Every time she had some left overs she cut them to that size and then made this quilt when there was enough. She hand quilted it.

And this is the back. Johanna was very careful to not let her shoes be seen. Lol.

This was as always so much fun and sitting by these huge windows I also had good time watching the weather changes. From rain to sun to snow to sun ..... The window in my sewing room is both small and high up on the wall so I only see the lower part of hubby's work car that is parked outside. I had not realized how much I miss seeing out while sewing.


P.s I worked on Bonnie's Patches and Pinwheels that I've bin making, first as leeders-enders and then working full time on it for some time now. The blocks are all sewn. Will post a photo when it's a top.


  1. What georgous quilts. I love the log cabin block idea. I just might do that here. What a novel idea and perfect for making up quilts quickly. Love it.

    You mentioned in a comment on my blog about material being costly where you are. It's the same here. We pay anywhere from $12.95 - 18.95 a metre. However, when it comes to my daughter, we have a membership in Fabricland and watch for 50% off sales. That's the way she buys her material. I buy my white on white there when it comes on sale for 50% off because I use so much and it's the exact same material that quilting stores sell. Otherwise, I buy most of my material from a quilting store. They don't often have sales though. So to keep quilting, I use up every scrap piece I can. I save has small has 1 1/2 inch pieces. I'm fortunate too that my best friend often sends me material and a few other people have sent me some material.

    When C makes any of clothes for herself (pj's, etc.) she only buys material on sale. She is very frugal!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great quilts. Thanks for sharing the pics.
    And...Happy Mother's Day.

  3. It seems like a wonderful retreat! My sewing room is in a basement so I know what you mean about no sunlight. I would love to have a bright, sunny sewing room. Thanks for the quilt show.